Learn about the different divisions that make up the Planning & Development Department.

Department overview

The Planning & Development Department consists of several divisions that advise City Council on the orderly development of the City by preparing land use plans, bylaws and policies.

Our department includes the following divisions:


    Responsible for implementing Council-adopted bylaws and policies through commercial and residential building plan reviews, and the administration of building, electrical, plumbing, and tree removal permits and inspection services.

    The building division ensures buildings constructed in the City conform to the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code, Zoning and Building By-laws, Land Use Contracts, and Development Permits, and are safe for their intended purpose.

    Director, Building
    Trevor Welsh

    Business Transformation

    Responsible for providing customer service through filing registry inquiries and responding to comfort letter requests.

    Other areas of administrative support include budget preparation and control, word processing services, time keeping, accounting and process automation in support of the Department.

    Business Transformation Manager
    Jerome Thibaudeau

    Community Planning

    Responsible for forming long-term planning policies and strategies to guide future growth in the City. Major programs include the City's Official Community Plan, Neighbourhood Concept Plans, Heritage Planning, Agricultural and Food Policy, Environmental Policy, building inventory and statistics as well as demographic and employment forecasting. 

    Also includes Sustainability.

    For more information on Surrey's Planning and Development processes, refer to the City's Land Use Plans and Land Development Process.

    Director, Community Planning
    Preet Heer

    Development Planning

    ​​​​​Responsible for reviewing applications for proposed land development projects in the communities of City Centre, Cloverdale, Fleetwood, Guildford, Newton, South Surrey and Whalley. This review typically involves a detailed analysis of how the proposal fits Official Community Plan policies and applicable secondary land use plans, including Neighbourhood Concept Plans. This division also implements Council-adopted land use and development bylaws and policies.

    Chief Development Approvals Officer
    Ron Gill


    See contacts for our most-requested inquiries, submit through our general contact form, or call 604-591-4441.

    General Manager
    Don Luymes