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General inquiries, booking an appointment, and payment services 


Inquiries about your residential building permit 

New Buildings & Additions: 604-591-4160

Tenant & Landlord Improvements: 604-591-4523

New Buildings/Additions & Signs:

Tenant & Landlord Improvements:

Inquiries about your commercial building permit including industrial, institutional, and multi-family residential permits


OCP & NCP Amendments, rezoning, Development Permits, Development Variance Permits, and Liquor Application Amendments

  • General Inquiries
    • Depth of service, location of existing services, Latecomers, Local Area Service (LAS)
  • City Road and Right of Way Use Permit (CRRP) Applications
  • Building Permit Site Servicing Reviews



  • Service Requests
    • Flooding, leaks, road damage, garbage dumping, water shut off, branch chipping
  • Engineering Permits
    • Oversize/Overweight, Hydrant-Use, Seasonal Watering
  • City Road and Right of Way Use Permit (CRRP) Inspection Booking
    • Video report submission, decommissioning, as-constructed drawings, boulevard inspection