Request an electrical inspection and find out about possible delays.

An electrical contractor, or person responsible for carrying out the work, must get an Electrical Permit before starting work on the installation, reconnection, addition, alteration, repair or extension of any electrical equipment (see exemptions).

As part of the Electrical Installation Permit, you must also request an electrical inspection at least once in every 180-day period. Learn more about your inspection requirements as part of your Electrical Contractor Installation Permit.

All electrical permits that are part of a Single Family Dwelling (SFD) building permit must indicate rough wiring approval before a frame inspection is scheduled.

Electrical work is not to be inaccessible by lathing, boarding, or other building construction until it has been accepted by the inspection department.  Work covered without inspections will be required to be exposed.

Learn more about the electrical inspection process: 

Electrical Inspection Process

You must submit your fully complete Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Inspection Request Form (CAF) in order to be able to request an electrical inspection.

There are 2 ways to book an inspection, only after a permit has been granted and you obtain the permit number:

  1. Email your Contractor Authorization From (CAF) to by 3pm for a next business day inspection. You will receive an automated confirmation of receipt.
  2. Phone our automated system at 604-591-4240 (press 1) and leave the information by 3pm for a next business day inspection. You must leave your CAF on site for the inspection to proceed.

If you are an Electrical Contractor doing only Extra Low Voltage work on a house, we do require that every inspection be booked via email with a CAF.

Daily Inspection Schedule

The daily inspection schedule is available online, updated daily after 9:40 am on each work day. Refer to the Inspection Area Map to locate the appropriate area list.

If your inspection request address is not on the schedule, your call may have been deferred to the next business day. 

The inspection schedule phone list option has been discontinued. Please use the online inspection listing for improved access and convenience.

After Your Inspection

Following your inspection, if you have questions or would like to discuss with the inspector responsible for you inspection, please send us an email. The inspector’s email address is available on the inspection slip provided at the end of the inspection.

Contractor Authorization Declaration of Compliance Forms

You must correctly complete and submit your Contractor Authorization Form for an inspection to be booked. You, as the FSR, also must inspect that all work per scope of permit is ready for inspection and complies with the BC Electrical Code and relevant Directives before you submit your submitting CAF.

When you fill out the form, make sure the form is legible and that you include all of the following in your form. If any of these items are missing or difficult for us to read, we will not book an inspection.

  • Permit number (contact the inspection department for your permit number before you submit your CAF and call for an inspection)
  • Contractor and or FSR license number
  • Complete address
  • Complete inspection request details
  • FSR signature

The City only accepts current editions of the City of Surrey Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Inspection Request Form for all inspection requests. Electrical Section staff will attempt to notify the permit holder that the inspection inquest has been rejected. However, we recommend the permit holder call the inspection schedule line at 604-591-4650 the day of the inspection to confirm the request has been accepted.

PDF Submission Requirements

As of March 2019, in order to streamline our system, we no longer accept documents for different Electrical Permits within one PDF.

Contractors must submit all documents for one inspection in one PDF. For example, the Calculation, Checklist, Rating, Diagram or Variance must be in the same PDF package as the Contractor Authorization Form (CAF). Each PDF package must reflect one Electrical Permit number for a single property.

If you are sending in CAFs only for “permit extension”, we are able to accept a single PDF package for these only.

Electrical Document Submission Checklist

Please ensure:

  • Your TSBC Contractor License Number (LEL0xxxxxx) is included.
  • The date is included.
  • Your PDF package has a unique title (that typically includes the permit number). We cannot accept PDF packages with the same name.
  • Quality images are sent in a PDF. Do not send poor quality photos as IMG or JPEG attachments. Do not embed your image in an email.

If you are still using our fax system, we are unable to confirm receipt or alert you to a document error. We suggest you use for submission.


  • Passed: Site is approved to continue to next phase.
  • Passed, Hydro Connection Required: Requested service is OK to be energized. Current permit is issued to BC Hydro. 
  • NEW: Passed with Deficiencies: OK to proceed to next phase. FSR required to review items identified by ESO.
  • NEW: Accepted on Declaration: This attempt result is not included in ECPM performance tracking.


(Re-call required. Re-attendance to be determined by the ESO)

  • Failed: A reinspection for deficiencies corrected is required for review by the ESO.
  • Failed. Compliance Order Issued: This attempt result is not included in ECPM performance tracking. This status update primarily pertains to property owners and operators.
  • Failed. Re-inspection fee applied: A reinspection for deficiencies corrected is required for review by the ESO. E.g., site conditions confirm the FSR did not personally review before submitting declaration of compliance.
  • NEW: Failed. Hazard Identified. Re-inspection fee: A hazardous “as found condition” has been identified and requires immediate remediation. E.g., an energized open conductor is found by a safety officer where a possible fire and shock hazard has been identified on a field review.
  • NEW: Failed. Insufficient Submission: In-office review. 5 of these status updates = 1 non-compliance identified in ECPM. Technical details on the submitted declaration do not meet the permit scope/details or conditions. This is identified by the ESO prior to attendance.


(These status updates are not included in ECPM performance tracking.)

  • Cancelled: A request has been cancelled by a contractor or was incorrectly booked.
  • Deferred: The request has been deferred to the next business day for review by the ESO.

Please note: ECPM refers to the Electrical Contractor Performance Monitoring program currently being piloted on Single Family Dwelling Electrical Permits. Sentences regarding ECPM do not pertain to other permit types.

Your permit applications or inspection request may be delayed if:

  • The permit value is deemed too low for the scope of work described. Additional documentation may be required as proof of job value.
  • Insufficient information or scope of work submitted with the permit application.
  • There are outstanding fees owing, such as re-inspection fee or permit extension fee
  • The contractor is not in good standing with the BC Safety Authority.
  • Any associated Building, Plumbing or other permits are not ready.
  • There are Bylaw Violations or Stop Work Orders placed on property
  • The contractor is working outside of the scope allowed by their FSR classification.
    • Unrestricted
    • Up to 750Volts 3 Phase
    • Systems derived from maximum 200 A 150V to ground, single phase (Not qualified to work on systems derived from greater than 200 amps 3 phase i.e. excluding commercial & industrial buildings)
  • A person other than a registered Electrical Contractor or the designated FSR calls for the inspection.
  • The contractor does not supply a Contractor's Authorization form before calling for each phase of inspection.

The FSR is required to make any special arrangements with the area Electrical Safety Officer (ESO) the morning of the requested inspection, between 8:30 am and 9:15 am while the ESO is in the office. FSR communications and discussions are expected between these times. This is one of the purposes the ESO’s are in the office every morning.

The requesting FSR is required to contact and discuss access arrangements with the ESO. Do not have your customer, general contractor or administration staff attempt to make these arrangements. The ESO may have technical or inspection relevant questions for the signing FSR that will dictate how the request is handled.

  • If applicable or required a one hour window can be arranged so customers or staff do not need to wait on a site all day. This arrangement is the requesting FSR’s responsibility.
  • Special arrangements are to be performed the day of the request by the signing FSR with the assigned ESO. Do not make requests on your CAF such as "call John Smith for access”.


A City of Surrey Electrical Safety Officer may re-inspect any installation when necessary. Non-compliance re-attendance will normally have a re-attendance fee attached to the site re-visit.


Incomplete CAFs submitted with permit applications (eg, blank permit number) will not trigger an inspection and will be marked void. Contact the Inspection department for your permit number prior to submitting your CAF and calling for an inspection. Electrical contractors or others responsible for carrying out the work shall obtain a permit from the inspection department before commencing work with respect to installation, alteration, repair, or extension of any electrical equipment.

The inspection department shall be notified in writing by submitting an Contractor Authorization Form that the electrical contractor work is ready for inspection at such time(s) allowing inspection before any work or portion of work is concealed. The permit holder FSR will be required to inspect that all work per scope of permit is ready for inspection and complies with the BC Electrical Code and relevant Directives before submitting CAF. This includes that the FSR has confirmed the site address is clearly posted.

  • No reconnection, installation, alteration, or addition shall be connected to any service or other source of electric energy by a supply authority, electrical contractor, or other person, until a current-permit authorizing the supply of electric energy has been obtained from the inspection department.
  • The inspection department reserves the right to re-inspect any installation if and when it considers such action to be necessary.
  • No electrical work shall be rendered inaccessible by lathing, boarding, or other building construction until it has been accepted by the inspection department.
  • In any case where deviation or postponement of these Rules and regulations is necessary, special permission shall be obtained before proceeding with the work, but this special permission shall apply only to the particular installation for which it is given.
  • No person shall damage any electrical installation or component thereof. No person shall interfere with any electrical installation or component thereof except that when, in the course of alterations or repairs to non-electrical equipment or structures, it may be necessary to disconnect or move components of an electrical installation, it shall be the responsibility of the person carrying out the alterations or repairs to ensure that the electrical installation is restored to a safe operating condition as soon as the progress of the alterations or repairs permits.

The permitted FSR is required to review the permit conditions and ensure the scope of work is accurate. Previous to requesting a final inspection, this step is often overlooked by FSRs. If the scope is found to be inaccurate and missing installation specific scope, a re-attendance fee may be assessed by the attending ESO if applicable.

Pursuant to section 27(3) of the Safety Standards Act, the following terms and conditions are attached to this Electrical Installation Permit by the Provincial Safety Manager who submits a “Contractor Authorization and Declaration of Compliance” form, or an electronic equivalent of that form, under articles 8 or 9 above may be requested to provide an original signed copy of that form to a Safety Officer

19 (1) If a person holds an electrical installation permit, the field safety representative named on the permit must request an inspection at least once in every 180 day period.

(2) If no inspection request under subsection (1) has been submitted within a 180 day period, the holder of the permit must have the permit amended to allow for the extra time before performing any regulated work. See the Expired Electrical Permits Bulletin.

(3) On the completion of each phase of electrical work under an installation permit, the Electrical Contractor or Field Safety Representative (FSR) named on the permit must request an inspection. The Field Safety Representative named on the permit must physically examine the work described on this permit, including any amendments to this permit and, once satisfied that the work described has been performed and completed in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and regulations, complete a “Contractor Authorization and Declaration of Compliance” form supplied by the BC Safety Authority in accordance with these terms and conditions. The Field Safety Representative must meet the requirements to complete the scope of work described on the permit.

(4) A person must not do any of the following unless the regulated work has been inspected or the inspection has been waived:

  1. conceal any portion of the rough wiring;

  2. connect power to the electrical supply system;

  3. If the inspection is required for other than the last phase, work on the next phase of the electrical work.

(5) If an inspection is required for regulated work, other than the regulated work in the last phase, a person must not do regulated work on the next phase of electrical work.

(6) After receiving a request under subsection (1) or (3), the City of Surrey will require an inspection unless alternate arrangements have been made with the area Safety Officer.

NOTE: Failure to complete corrections listed on an Certificate of Inspection (C of I) or a false declaration while requesting a re-inspection will result in a inspection Re-Fee.

NOTE: The Multifamily / Commercial Service Approval Guideline will be required 2 days prior to requesting an inspection.