Review the electrical installation requirements.

As a contractor, you must get an electrical permit prior to starting an installation. Allow five days for permit processing before requesting an inspection.

The permit fee will be doubled as a penalty if you require an inspection on work done without an electrical permit. All permit fees are based on the full contract price, including material and labour.

To apply for an electrical permit, refer to online electrical permit applications

Customer-owned high voltage installations

All high-voltage installations must be designed by a Professional Engineer. Sealed drawings are to be submitted  and field reviews performed as required.

High voltage permit application process

The following information must be submitted with the contractor electrical permit application:

  • A one-line diagram of the installation from the utility connections to the main low voltage distribution point, including connections to any alternate power sources;
  • Transformers ratings and rations;
  • Conductor types and sizes;
  • Switch, fuse and circuit breaker ratings;
  • Fault current levels available at the utility connection and at any low voltage distribution points as well as any fuse / circuit breaker co-ordination documents;
  • Relay and tripping settings;
  • Grounding system details including station ground;
  • Declaration from a Professional Engineer for the suitability of equipment as outlined in items 10 to 13 in BCSA Directive No:-D-E3 090313 1.

High voltage inspection requirements

Refer to the regarding inspection requirements for customer-owned high voltage installations: