Apply and pay for select electrical permits online.

To begin using the online permit application system, you must first become a registered user. Electrical registered users are set up by email at

If your company email is from a 'non-secure' domain (such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Telus, etc.), we will require a formal letter (with your Electrical Contractor Company letterhead) listing all the information we require: 

  • TSBC Contractor License number (LEL0xxxxxx)
  • TSBC registered business address 
  • Primary Field Safety Representative (FSR) name 
  • TSBC FSR License number (CEL#)
  • FSR contact number 
  • Business License information (Surrey BL number or copy of your Intra-Municipal BL from your 'home city')

Note: In order to register, you must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor in good standing with Technical Safety BC. Applications are rejected and refunded if your TSBC is expired. 

Apply and Pay for Electrical Permits Online

Registered Electrical Users can now apply online and pay by credit card for most electrical installation permits. Homeowner applications are currently not available online.

Apply for an Electrical Permit Online

The associated Building Permit number is required when applying for an Electrical Permit for all new Single Family Dwellings. 

As a Registered User, you will receive emails from the Electrical Inspector for the following:

  • Inspection results (approved or not approved, with a deficiency list)
  • When the inspection is deferred to the next business day

Tips on Avoiding Electrical Permit Issuance Delays

Make sure your Electrical Permit application:

  • Has the correct address. Visit City of Surrey’s COSMOS mapping system to verify addressing.
  • Is submitted after Building Permit issuance for new construction of Single Family Dwelling and Duplex Dwellings. Building Permits are mandatory, and fees are calculated as per City Bylaws.
  • Includes a Building Permit number for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-family, and Single Family Dwelling projects. This can be included in the “description” line.
  • Has a very detailed scope of work. Ensure all areas of the application are filled in and checked off that apply to your project.

Your Business License (BL) must be active in order to receive an Electrical Permit. If your company is located within Surrey, a City of Surrey BL required. If your company is located within the Inter-Municipal Business License (IMBL) regional pool of Municipalities, an IMBL is required. If your company is outside of both, a City of Surrey BL is required.

Ensure your active Electrical Permits do not expire. Expiry dates can be viewed on the online portal. Expired Permits are given a “Tax Roll Notification” status and remain as this until the permit receives “Final Acceptance” or is cancelled by the electrical Contractor.

Scope and Value Changes

Any scope or value changes to an Electrical Permit must be requested through the Permit Amendment Form and submitted to

Personal Information is collected for the purposes of City staff following up on your application for additional information or clarification in some cases. The City of Surrey is collecting this information under s.26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.