Learn about the different parts of the Parks, Recreation and Culture department.

Department Overview

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Department consists of several divisions that support Parks, Community and Recreation, Arts, Heritage, Sustainability, Marketing and Communications, and Web and New Media services.

The General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Culture is a member of the Senior Management Team and reports to the City Manager.

Department Structure


Our Parks division is responsible for the planning, design, development, operation, and maintenance of City parks, City cemeteries, the Surrey Nature Centre, and the civic marina. The Parks division includes the following sections: Planning, Research and Design, Development, Landscape Operations and Park Partnerships, Athletic Facilities, Urban Forestry, Special Events, and Filming.

Community and Recreation

Our Community and Recreation division is responsible for the operation of recreation facilities throughout the City, including pools and ice arenas. The Community and Recreation division also runs the Healthy Communities program, works closely with schools, and coordinates many social well-being initiatives for seniors, children, youth, and families.

Culture & Heritage

Our Culture division is responsible for managing contemporary and public art collections and supporting city-wide arts programs, facilities, and cultural grants. Specifically, the Arts division manages the Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey Civic Theatres, Community Art, and the Public Art program.

We are also responsible for building awareness and appreciation for the City’s history through interactive experiences, exhibits, public programs, school programs, online tools and special events. The Heritage division operates the Museum of Surrey, Surrey Archives, and Historic Stewart Farm.

Marketing, Communications and Web

Our Marketing, Communications and Web division is responsible for providing strategic guidance and enterprise services to the City relating to marketing, communications and branding. The Web & New Media team manages the City’s web and digital channels, ensuring effective customer engagement, current technology and best practices.



Parks, Recreation and Culture Department: parksrecculture@surrey.ca

Web & New Media Team: webteam@surrey.ca

General Manager
Laurie Cavan
Phone: 604-598-5760

Administrative Coordinator
Rachel Sears
Phone: 604-598-5765

Manager, Parks
Neal Aven
Phone: 604-598-5767

Manager, Community and Recreation
Lisa White
Phone: 604-598-5766

Manager of Culture
Ryan Gallagher (Acting)
Phone: 604-501-5127

Manager, Sustainability
Jason Owen (Acting)
Phone: 604-591-4742

Manager, Marketing and Communications
Darryl McCarron
Phone: 604-598-5785

Accessibility and Support Services Manager
Tara Roberts
Phone: 604-598-5763