Learn about the structure and function of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.

Department overview

Parks, Recreation & Culture serves our community to improve the quality of life for everyone through exceptional delivery of parks, recreation and culture amenities, programs, and services.

We have five principles that help guide our work: 

  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Responsiveness
  • Creativity
  • Resiliency

Our department includes the following teams:


Our Parks division is responsible for the planning, design, development, operation and maintenance of:

Parks includes these sections:

  • Park Planning, Research and Design
  • Park Development Services
  • Landscape Operations and Park Partnerships
  • Park Facility Operations
  • Urban Forestry
  • Community Enhancement
  • Business Operations & Support Services

Director, Parks
Neal Aven
Email: Neal.Aven@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-598-5762

Recreation Services

Our Recreation Services division is responsible for the operation of recreation facilities throughout the City, including programs for:

  • Recreation for all ages
  • Aquatics and arenas
  • Indoor sport and fitness
  • Seniors
  • Childcare

Director, Recreation Services
Lisa White
Email: LAWhite@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-598-5766


Our Culture division is responsible for managing contemporary and public art collections and supporting city-wide arts programs, facilities and cultural grants.

The Arts team manages:

We are also responsible for building awareness and appreciation for the City’s history through interactive experiences, exhibits, public programs, school programs, online tools and special events.

The Heritage team operates:

Our division also includes Surrey's special events team, responsible for our major events, and the film office, responsible for accommodating film production in the city. 

Manager of Culture
Ryan Gallagher
Email: RGallagher@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-501-5127

Healthy Communities

Our Healthy Communities section is responsible for:

Manager of Healthy Communities
Kerri Van Eaton
Email: vaneaton-k@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-502-6229


General inquiries: PRCCustomerService@surrey.ca

You can also complete our contact form and we will direct you to the right team.

General Manager
Laurie Cavan
Email: lacavan@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-598-5760

Administrative Coordinator
Rachel Sears
Email: rsears@surrey.ca
Phone: 604-598-5765