Be part of your healthy Surrey community.

Our commitment is to foster active living, encourage engagement, increase inclusivity and build capacity for all members of our community.  We support and connect with the community and collaborate with external partners and a number of departments throughout the City.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion encourages community members requiring support to participate in recreation opportunities. We provide a variety of inclusive recreation programs through collaboration with several community partners.

The primary strategic purpose of this portfolio is to reduce or eliminate barriers and increase participation in recreation, leisure and volunteer opportunities to improve or achieve overall physical, social and emotional well-being.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement aims to build the capacity of individuals, community groups, and City staff to effectively engage with the community in order to foster more vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods. We also offer a free Neighbourhood Event Kit that you can book for your next community event.


Diversity provides support to connect all community members to recreation programs and services. We support community members to access and participate in our recreation programs and services.

We work closely with our Recreation Surrey team, other City departments and community partners such as settlement agencies and libraries. For example, we work together to offer services and programs to help newcomers in Surrey settle into a new country and a new city.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness provides workshops, events and information relating to the four focus areas of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Mental Health and Overall Wellness for all City of Surrey Employees. We encourage our employees to participate in active and healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion engages citizens across their life span to foster physical and social environments that strengthen personal skills and promote healthy behaviors. Health Promotion implements healthy living initiative, interdepartmentally and throughout the City, to support residents such as food security and Live 5-2-1-0

The City of Surrey has 12 Live 5-2-1-0 Playboxes to encourage outdoor play by providing free sports and play equipment for families. The City of Surrey is also working in partnership with the Fraser Health Authority through the Surrey Healthier Community Partnership (HCP).

Middle Years

Middle Years supports children aged 6-12 during the critical after-school hours.  The primary focus is the MYzone, MYgame and JUMPzone programs which operate to ensure that children have access to high quality after-school programming that is affordable, open to all, nurturing and supports the principles of healthy child development. 

This portfolio takes a holistic approach to middle years by also offering the Active PLAYces program and parent education workshops to support families in their caregiver roles. Community and Recreation Services recently developed a strategy called Afterschool for All with the goal of ensuring that all school-aged children in Surrey have the opportunity to participate in after-school activities by 2030.

Seniors Volunteer Initiative

The Seniors Volunteer Initiative is a three year Pilot project with the goal of ensuring that seniors’ volunteer engagement throughout the City is meaningful; fostering respect for older adults as integral members of the community and leveraging their knowledge and skills for community well-being.  In the coming year, we will engage with and listen to seniors about how they would like to contribute to our community through volunteer opportunities. 


By creating meaningful volunteer opportunities for seniors, we aim to increase their social connections and a sense of belonging, and strengthen their role as valued members of our society.

Sport Development

The Sport Development area supports the Community and Recreation Services Division to align with Sport for Life national standards and best practices through programming, training, educational sessions and quality assurance. 

We encourage community, staff and partners to place value on physical literacy and create a positive, progressive environment where everyone can be active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources engages citizens through volunteerism within the Community and Recreation Services Division and the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department as a whole. 

Our team is committed to raising the profile of volunteers, adhering to professional standards of volunteer management practice and building the capacity of staff to engage and support volunteers.

Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement uses a positive youth development approach to city-wide youth engagement through ten annual events, two youth groups and outreach initiatives that reduce barriers for youth.

Contact the Healthy Communities office by phone at 604-502-6325 or email us for more information.