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Be part of your healthy Surrey community.

Our commitment is to foster active living, encourage engagement, increase inclusivity and build capacity for all members of our community. We support and connect with the community and collaborate with external partners and a number of departments throughout the City.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion encourages community members requiring support to participate in recreation opportunities. We provide a variety of inclusive recreation programs through collaboration with several community partners.

Our purpose is to help reduce or eliminate barriers and increase participation in recreation, leisure, and volunteer opportunities. We aim to improve overall physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion provides support to connect all community members to recreation programs and services. We support community members to fair and equitable access and participation in our Parks, Recreation and Culture programs and services. Current initiatives include:

Contact for resources and services available in your community.

Healthy Active Aging

The City of Surrey is leading the way in supporting healthy active aging through its Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors, a framework that ensures older adults, families and caregivers are supported through advocacy, policy, partnering and service delivery.

Through collaboration with community partners, we successfully offer a continuum of programs and services from prevention to intervention that is available for all seniors, elders, caregivers, and families.

A wide range of resources and programs can be found on the Surrey Seniors page.

For more information on the events, programs and services please contact

Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a provincial emergency response program that provides for the various short-term needs of evacuees and response workers in a disaster or emergency situation.

Learn more about Emergency Support Services.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness hosts workshops, provides resources, and organizes events relating to the four focus areas of healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, and overall wellness for all City of Surrey employees. Employee Wellness Passes are available to all staff at a discounted rate. We encourage our employees to participate in active and healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Promotion

Health promotion empowers citizens with physical and social environments that strengthen interpersonal skills and promote healthy lifestyles.  Health Promotion implements healthy living initiatives throughout the city to support residents with such things as food security and Active PLAYces Kits

We also partner with the Fraser Health Authority through the Surrey Healthier Community Partnership (HCP).

Leisure Access Program

The City of Surrey encourages all city residents to participate fully in leisure services and activities. If you are in financial need, you might qualify for Surrey’s Leisure Access Program. To qualify for the program applicants must be City of Surrey residents and meet program requirements. If approved, you can join Surrey recreation activities for 75% off or, in some cases, free.

Learn more about the Leisure Access Program.

You can also call 604-502-6325 or email Free language translation services are available.

Sport Development

This area supports the Community and Recreation Services Division to align with Sport for Life national standards and best practices through programming, training, educational sessions and quality assurance. 

We encourage community, staff and partners to place value on physical literacy and create a positive, progressive environment where everyone can be active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Sport Surrey

Sport Surrey attracts, develops and supports a wide variety of world-class sporting events in Surrey. Our great partnerships and enthusiastic guidance will help ease your coordination efforts.

Learn more about Sport Surrey.

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources engages citizens through volunteerism within the Community and Recreation Services Division and the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department as a whole. 

Our team is committed to raising the profile of volunteers, adhering to professional standards of volunteer management practice and building the capacity of staff to engage and support volunteers.

Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement uses a positive youth development approach to city-wide events, programs, and youth groups. Find out more about our current youth opportunities or email

Youth Intervention

Through positive youth development, Youth Intervention works closely with community centres and youth-serving organizations like the Surrey WRAParound Program to reduce barriers for young people to access recreation programs and services. With strong partnerships, we build assets and protective factors to help young people be more resilient in the face of risk factors. Looking for resources and supports? Contact

City Hall Tours

Healthy Communities is proud to host city hall tours. Explore the stunning architecture of Surrey City Hall on a guided tour where you will learn about the role of our Municipal government and how our city operates. It’s free and fun for all ages! 


For more information on any of these areas, contact the Healthy Communities office by phone at 604-502-6325 or