Learn about the Realty Services Division, which manages the rental and lease of City-owned properties.

Realty Services is one of six core divisions in Surrey's Engineering Department. The Realty Services division is made up of skilled professionals who perform all aspects of real estate-related activity for the City.

The division is responsible for the fair and equitable acquisition, disposition, development, management and maintenance of the City’s real estate assets. The division also provides real estate services to City decision-makers, other City departments and the general public to accomplish City goals.

Services we provide

Our Land Acquisition Section is responsible for the timely acquisition of land and rights-of-way for capital projects and park purposes including land assemblies for civic purpose projects.

Our Asset Management Section manages the City’s real estate inventory, which includes land inventory management, leasing and property sales. 

Realty Services also manages the City’s land Appraisal and Conveyancing duties.

For inquiries regarding possible acquisitions of property for parkland purposes, or for the possible purchase of lands for the City’s green infrastructure network (GIN corridors) pursuant to the City’s biodiversity conservation strategy, please contact our agent Brenda Orcutt at 604-598-5731 or blorcutt@surrey.ca.

Please note that the Realty Services Division does not deal with property assessment or property taxation. For more information on these topics, visit BC Assessment for property assessments and our Property & Payment Services pages.

Contact us

For more information about Surrey's Realty Services Division, call 604-598-5700.

Director of Realty Services
Nicholas Rawcliffe

Realty Asset Manager (acting)
Avril Wright

Realty Land Acquisition Manager
Charles Neustaedter