Learn about City of Surrey's leasing and licensing opportunities.

The City of Surrey may own real estate that is deemed available for lease/licence until it is required for municipal purposes.

Current Opportunities

f you are interested in leasing/licensing City land that you have not found listed for lease/licence on this site, contact one of the Asset Management staff listed below. Please include a filled Property Inquiry Form.

Telecommunication Licences

To help enable the City of Surrey to create a more attractive environment for investment, our Asset Management group works with telecommunication companies to encourage the provision of efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing antenna systems to meet the current and future needs of Surrey’s residents and businesses.

Inquiry Forms & Applications

South Surrey Directional Signage Program

The Realty Services Division manages and administers the Morgan Heights and North Grandview Directional Signage Program in South Surrey. The program was put in place in 2007 with residential developers to help create a more attractive public space by ensuring that the marketing requirements of active residential developers meet the aesthetic needs and safety of the local community.

f you are a developer and would like to market your project on any or all of the City-owned signage located in the neighbourhoods of Morgan Heights, North Grandview Heights, Sunnyside Heights or Orchard Grove (South Surrey), please complete the Site Request Form and forward to the Realty Services Division

For more information regarding the South Surrey Directional Signage Program, please contact Paula Kucharczyk at pkucharczyk@surrey.ca.

Signage Regulations

The Surrey Sign Bylaw regulates the appearance, size, height, design and location of signs, on private property, public lands and on or within a highway. It also contains regulations pertaining to temporary on-site real estate development/construction signs related to advertising to potential customers new development projects on a temporary basis.

The Highway, Traffic & Parking Bylaw regulates the installation of signs on public boulevards or road allowances. The City of Surrey does not allow the installation of signs within its road allowance areas.

Please note that the Realty Services Division does not issue sign permits or process bylaw complaints in relation to signage within the City of Surrey. For more information, please contact the Building Division, Commercial, for sign permits and Bylaw Enforcement for any complaints or concerns.


Realty Asset Manager (acting)
Avril Wright

Property Negotiator
Karmelle Yakimovitch

Property Negotiator
Paula Kucharczyk

Property Negotiator
Keith McKinnon