Learn about the functions and responsibilities of City of Surrey's Property & Payment Services.

The Property & Payment Services team is responsible for generating and collecting property taxes, utility bills and dog licences, as well as customer service and payment collection for the City of Surrey.

Property & Payment Services coordinates and generates property taxes and utility bills using the current tax and utility rates approved by Council with the assessed market values provided by BC Assessment.  There are over 157,000 property tax accounts and over 110,000 annual and metered utility accounts in the City.

The section also administers:

  • Dog licence billing
  • Collection of grants-in-lieu of taxes
  • Local area services
  • Logging ditch improvement district fees

In addition to collecting municipal property taxes and utilities, the section is also responsible for collecting taxes for other authorities including:

  • Metro Vancouver
  • Municipal Finance Authority
  • BC Assessment
  • Provincial School Tax
  • Translink

More information can be found on the Services & Payments page.