View the City's Planning Reports to see how your neighbourhood has developed over the years, what's happening now and what else is planned for the future. 

Land Use & Planning Reports

Planning Reports give citizens a peek into the process that grows and develops our City into the thriving communities we call home. 

Our collection of online Planning Reports provide details of development application considered by Council at Land Use Meetings.

Using the Planning Reports Search

We have thousands of Planning Reports available for viewing. We have provided filters to help you find the one(s) you're looking for. Results will be shown in order of most recent.

Search by Planning Report Number, Keywords and Date

Filter results by entering the following information in the Planning report number or Keywords field:

  • Relevant address
  • Application, report or file number
    • Typically ten digits, beginning with '79' in the format 79##-####-##, ie. 7918-0394-00.
  • Type of application

Search by Date

For example, if you are looking for all active Planning Reports from January – March, 2010:

  1. Select Active in the Status dropdown list
  2. Enter 2010-01-01 as the Council start date
  3. Enter 2010-03-31 as the Council end date
  4. Select the Refine button to see the results

Planning Reports Search

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Search tips: If you are having trouble finding something, try broadening your search. Remove the active/inactive filter as the status may have changed, and the year filter as some reports span multi-year projects. You can also try using fewer keywords, a more generic keyword or different word.

If you aren't able to find what you're looking for, reach out to the City Clerks Office, Legislative Services at 604-591-4132 or email