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Engineering Customer Services

The Engineering Department's Customer Service Desk offers many services to the residents of Surrey. However, a trip to City Hall isn't always necessary.

Please see below for some of the most common requests we handle, and learn whether or not your transaction can be handled completely online or should be done in person.

Land Development Application

Get an overview of the land development application process in Surrey.

Demolish & Rebuild A House in Surrey

Find out how to demolish and rebuild a house in Surrey.

Building a House with a Basement

To build a basement home, first check to see if the service connections are deep enough.

Finding a Lot Size

To find out a lot size, go into COSMOS, Surrey's GIS mapping system, enter the address under Address Search, and then click the "Property Report" (house) icon at the top of the page.

Insurance Certificates

The City of Surrey maintains an Insurance Certificate program to ensure that contractors and their brokers are aware of and can comply with the requirements under the contract.

Driveway Permit

See the requirments to build or widen a driveway on a single family or duplex residence in Surrey.

Traffic Obstruction Permit

A permit is required to temporarily close any road, cycling, or pedestrian facility in the city.

Noise Extension Bylaw Permit

A permit is required for the extension of noise when constructing, altering or demolishing any building or structure.

Water Fill Stations

Learn where to find several water fill stations located around the city you can use during construction.

Drinking Water Connection

View instructions on how to connect to the City's water distribution system.

Oversize & Overweight Load Permits for Trucks

Find out how to apply for an Overweight and Oversize Permit for your truck.

Service Connections and Sewer Extensions

Find out what is required to connect your property to the sanitary sewer system.

Filling in a Ditch

Learn how to infill or enclose a ditch in Surrey.

Soil, Erosion and Sediment Control Permits

Learn what permits are required for soil issues and preventing erosion.

Moving Containers or Construction Waste Bins

To place moving containers or construction waste bins on City property, a permit may be required.

Working with Asbestos Pipes

If you are working with or in close proximity to an asbestos cement pipe, then you must comply with WorkSafeBC requirements, submit a WorkSafeBC Notice of Project: Asbestos Form, and review the Asbestos Cement Pipe Cutting and Handling and Asbestos Cement Pipe Exposure Control Plan documents.

Important Engineering Resources and Documents

The following information guides provide an overview of various requirements of the Surrey Engineering Department. These guides provide general information only, and City bylaws and policies shall take precedence.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Engineering Customer Services at or 604-591-4340.

Learn more about Surrey's Engineering Department.

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