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Public Safety

Our Four Priorities

The Surrey Public Safety Strategy groups all of our objectives and initiatives by one of four priorities. Working together, the four priority areas of the Strategy will organize a diverse set of programs and services and ensure we stay focused on the things that will make the most difference to public safety.

Discover the progress that has been made made after the first year of implementation of the Public Safety Strategy.

Download the Progress Report

Learn about the Public Safety Strategy and how you can get involved in events and programs.

Mayor's Task Force on Gang Violence Prevention

The Mayor's Task Force on Gang Violence Prevention Report has been released and is available below.

Cannabis Legalization Framework

This City of Surrey has released the Cannabis Legalization - An Evolving Framework for BC Municipalities, read the full document to learn more.

Get Involved

Discover how you can get involved and read the priority initiatives that are part of the Public Safety Strategy.

Also, find out how the rest of Canada contributes to our national public safety through the Crime Prevention Inventory

Prevent & Reduce Crime

See the complete list of priority initiatives >>

Ensure Safe Places

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  • expand Distressed Properties Response Program
  • The Distressed Properties initiative identifies residential properties tipping towards a state of distress, and enables the City to take measures to address problems before they decline further and increase risk of crime, fire or other public safety hazards.

    Find out more about how the program will impact your community

  • expand Project IRIS
  • An online registration portal for members of the public and business community to register the location of external security cameras. The registry will keep contact information for participants to speed up identification of potential evidence for criminal investigations.

    Register your camera & help keep Surrey safe

  • expand Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS)
  • A new way of operating to integrate temporal and location based crime and traffic data to deploy law enforcement and other resources more effectively.

    Help with data and let us know about problem intersections

  • expand Community Safety Support
  • Surrey currently has three community-level safety programs in operation. These programs focus on observing and reporting issues, and share a common goal of providing street-level support to the residents and businesses of Surrey. The programs are delivered by the City’s bylaws enforcement team, Surrey RCMP and Surrey Crime Prevention Society.

    Learn more about the community partners

Build Community Capacity

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  • expand Surrey Emergency Program
  • A program managed by Surrey Fire Services that focuses on outreach and resources to support residents, businesses and families to build their emergency preparedness capability and plan for disaster responses.

    Start your emergency planning now

  • expand HomeSafe
  • On-duty firefighters and volunteers go door-to-door to distribute fire prevention information, check and install smoke alarms and coach seniors, residents and other individuals on fire risks, fall prevention and safety in the home.

    Find out how to receive your free smoke alarm and installation now


  • expand Volunteerism: Building Community
  • Volunteering helps residents increase connections to their community which positively impacts perceptions of neighbourhoods, perceptions of crime and increases safety. The City continues to expand its volunteer opportunities across City programs to enhance community connections.

    Get involved in volunteering now

  • expand Early Years Programming (Avenues of Change - Guildford West)
  • Through funding support from United Way, the initiative is in its fifth year of a five year funding cycle which now focuses on the United Way Play Box initiative and an Indigenous Early Years Strategy. In 2018 the program will undergo further review and enhancements.

    Find Guildford West early years resources now

Support Vulnerable People

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  • expand Integrated Services Network (ISN)
  • Surrey ISN targets ‘social chronic’ offenders whose interactions with the criminal justice system are a result of their substance use, mental health and housing challenges. It aims to reduce relapses among prolific offenders with multiple disorders, including decreasing the severity of new charges.

    Learn more about how we'll measure success

  • expand Surrey Mobilization and Resilience Table (SMART)
  • SMART is cross agency, collaboration made up of professionals from a variety of disciplines including, law enforcement, corrections, housing, health, social services, income assistance and education. These agencies work together to mitigate risk before crises can occur in the lives of individuals and families.

    Read more about the goals and success measures of SMART


  • expand Inter-Agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT)
  • Led by the Surrey RCMP, the team is made up of representatives of service agencies that respond to incidents of domestic violence and work to appropriately share information through coordinated risk identification, management and safety planning.

    Find out more about ICAT