Trees for sale outdoors

Purchase up to 3 trees to plant in your yard.

Date & Time

Add to Calendar 20210423 090000 20210509 150000 America/Vancouver May Tree Sale Purchase up to 3 trees to plant in your yard. Purchase your trees online, then pick them up from the Surrey Operations Centre (6651 148 St) on May 9.


Purchase your trees online, then pick them up from the Surrey Operations Centre (6651 148 St) on May 9.

Tickets & Pricing

All trees are $20

Your new trees will increase your property value, help the environment, provide shade and insulation for your home, and make your neighbourhood more livable. Each tree planted contributes to growing the urban forest and increases tree canopy coverage across the City.


  • This program is for private properties in Surrey.
  • Trees are only available to Surrey residents.
  • Maximum 3 per person, 6 per household.
  • You will need a MySurrey account with a valid Surrey address to purchase.

How to Buy

Sales are open from April 23 at 9:00am to May 5, 2021 (while quantities last). Once sales open: 

  1. Start by choosing your pickup time. All pickups are on Sunday, May 9. We cannot accommodate early or late pickups.
  2. Select the person from your account to register.
  3. Choose up to three trees from the list. If you can’t change the quantity from 0, that species is sold out.
  4. Proceed to payment. All trees are $20 each.

    On May 9, arrive at the Surrey Operations Centre (6651 148 St) right at your pickup time. Do not arrive early.

    Get Started

    Please note:

    • Trees are $20 each. All purchases are first come, first served. Limited quantity available for each tree species.
    • No additional purchases will be allowed at pickup.

    • Minimize number of people in your vehicle during pickup.
    • Staff will maintain physical distancing for pickups. Staff cannot load or secure trees into vehicles for residents.
    • Most trees are in 5-gallon pots and are up to 12 feet tall. Ensure your vehicle can accommodate this size of tree.
    • Trees average 2-3cm caliper size. Most would not meet the size requirements as replacement trees, and we are unable to guarantee the size of specific trees in advance of purchase.

    Troubleshooting MySurrey Account:

    • For the best registration experience, use Google Chrome as your internet browser.
    • If you have any issues registering online, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Visit our New Online Registration System page for more information including video tutorials and guidelines.

    Available Trees

    There are many resources available to help you determine which trees are suitable for your property. Try one of these as a starting point:

    '*' denotes very limited availability

    Deciduous Trees

    • Acer griseum
    • Acer palmatum - Shishigashira
    • Acer palmatum - Inaba Shidare*
    • Cornus kousa - Venus*
    • Cornus kousa - Satomi
    • Fagus sylvatica
    • Ginko biloba - Saratoga
    • Magnolia - Sunburst
    • Magnolia - Golden Gift
    • Magnolia - Coates
    • Magnolia - Daybreak
    • Magnolia - Susan
    • Magnolia - loebneri Donna*
    • Magnolia - Galaxy*
    • Parrotia - Persian Spire
    • Styrax japonica - Snowcone

    Fruit Trees 


    • Apple - Haralson
    • Apple - Honeygold
    • Apple - Liberty
    • Apple - Gravenstein
    • Apple - Espalier - Combo
    • Apple - Spartan
    • Apple - Scarlet Sentinel
    • Apple - Melrose
    • Apple - Pommier x Golden Reinette
    • Apple - Fireside*
    • Apple - Golden Sentinel*
    • Apple - Chehalis*
    • Apple - Honeycrisp*


    • Pear - Asian - Chojuro*
    • Pear - Asian - Kosui*
    • Pear - Asian - Nijiseiki*
    • Pear - Anjou*
    • Pear - Bosc*
    • Pear - Chojuro*


    • Cherry - Lapins
    • Cherry - Stella
    • Cherry - Rainier*
    • Cherry - Royal Ann*


    • Fig - Panache Tiger*
    • Fig - Texas Blue Giant*


    • Plum - Italian*


      • Hazelnut – Yamhill

      Tree Care

      Learn more from the International Society of Arboriculture on planting a tree in your backyard and remember to water your trees regularly to keep them growing and healthy. 

      General inquiries: 

      Questions about registration or your MySurrey account: 604-501-5100

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