a garden showcasing diverse plants

The Biodiversity Design Guidelines provide recommended actions to support the implementation of Surrey’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

These guidelines will help guide land use planning and development activities across the City and are intended primarily for implementation at the site level. They are organized into eight modules incorporating available research, guidance and best management practices related to biodiversity conservation.


Read the full introduction to learn more about what is in the Biodiversity Design Guidelines and how to apply the modules.


The modules are designed to complement each other. For example, a biodiversity-enhanced road crossing or bioswale may incorporate elements taken from other modules, including Maintained Landscapes, Lighting, Habitat Structures, or Signage as part of their design. 

The biodiversity design guidelines integrate the environmental, social, and regulatory context in Surrey. Where appropriate, they also consider regional connectivity. Linkages at the operational and policy level are essential. The guidelines were developed to mesh with efforts at both levels and the associated frameworks already in place. 

Referenced Plans & Policies

The specific plans, policies and procedures highlighted in these guidelines include:


For more information about Surrey's Biodiversity Design Guidelines, contact biodiversity@surrey.ca.