Learn about pre-construction meetings, traffic management planning, and more for offsite servicing.

Pre-Construction Meeting

A pre-construction meeting is required with the developer, consultant, contractor and the City’s Land Development Inspector before permits will be issued in order for offsite servicing construction to begin.

Required Items for Pre-Construction Meeting

Email Request for Pre-construction Meeting package to Engis@surrey.ca.

Traffic & Site Management During Construction

Show Home Permit

A show room permit can be obtained when roads and sufficient water supply (for fire protection) are in place to build a show home for sales purposes only.

Inspections During Construction

The monitoring of the development during the construction stage.

Final Construction Inspection

The Professional Engineer confirms that construction is complete, including all services, roads, driveways, asphalt paving etc., and requests a final construction inspection by the City.

Maintenance Request

The Professional Engineer formally certifies that all works are complete, except for minor deficiencies and maintenance holdbacks, and requests that the project start the 1-year maintenance period.

Maintenance Period

The City places the project on a one-year maintenance period to fix all deficiencies and ensure all works are completed.

Final Acceptance

After the one-year maintenance period, when all deficiencies have been completed, the project can be formally accepted by the City.

Helpful Guides

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