Review the phases of the engineering land development process.

The Engineering Land Development Process can be divided into the following phases:

Find a detailed summary of Engineering Land Development processes and procedures, including usable sample forms, in the Engineering Land Development Customer Manual (Word doc).

Upon issuance of the Preliminary Layout Approval, the Engineering Land Development off-site servicing process can be initiated when the developer pays the applicable engineering processing fee and, if applicable, an Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) permit fee. If required, a pre-submission meeting can be arranged by the City’s Development Services Project Supervisor with the developer’s engineer before the project scoping design drawings are submitted by the developer’s engineer for review by the City. A request for such a meeting can be made through the Land Development Division.

After the project scoping design drawing review, the developer’s engineer submits the project detailing design drawing package and the developer’s lawyer submits the draft legal documents for review by the City.

Once the design and legal requirements are accepted, the City prepares and issues the Servicing Agreement that contractually defines the works and services and financial securities required for final development approval with respect to off-site engineering works.

Required Items for Submission

The Project Scoping phase is intended to define the scope of the off-site engineering works and services and associated legal document requirements associated with the subject development.  The Scoping submission should reflect the requirements noted in the Land Development Engineering Requirements Inter-office Memo (if applicable) and the Land Development Engineering Review (if applicable).

The following checklists and templates need to be completed for a project scoping submission:

Project Scoping

Project Detailing

Once the scope of the project has been finalized the developer's engineer can move to the Project Detailing phase of the project. This phase covers the detailed design tasks of the project.

The following checklists and templates need to be completed for a project detailing submission:

Servicing Agreement

The final stage of the process involves preparation of the Servicing Agreement which is the contract between the City and the Developer defining and committing to the works and services required for the project. This Servicing Agreement includes legal and financial obligations associated with the project.

The following checklists and templates need to be completed for a Servicing Agreement submission:

In order to give final approval to a specific project the signed Servicing Agreement must be returned to the City’s Engineering Department with all associated fees and financial securities.

Next Steps

Once the Servicing Agreement is signed and all securities are submitted by the developer and acceptable to the City, then Engineering will advise Area Planning that the Engineering requirements have been satisfied and can proceed for Final Adoption by Council and subdivision approval by the Approving Officer when appropriate.

Learn about the Offsite Servicing process.

Other Processes

Depending on the scope of a given project other requirements/processes may need to be covered prior to moving to or completing the Servicing Agreement. These include:

Related Documents

The City’s Land Development Process is based on the City’s bylaws and design criteria with authority provided through Provincial Legislation.

The following are key documents related to the City’s bylaws and regulations associated with the Land Development Process along with other reference material associated with Site Servicing.

Other Bylaws & Regulations

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