Review the submission requirements for making a Development Application.

Development Application Process

After you've reviewed your pre-application information and had your Pre-Application Meeting, you'll be ready to submit your Development Application.

Step 1. Submit your Development Application Package

There are a number of items you need to submit throughout the development application process. The submission requirements outline the minimum submission items for each application type. Additional documents may be required throughout the application process. 

  1. Land Development Application Form and Lobbyist Registration Form - Mark the application type(s) that apply. Ensure all owners sign the application and the Letter of Authorization if appointing an Agent. Lobbyists are required to complete the Lobbyist Registration Form. To determine if the Lobbyist Registration Form applies to you, refer to the City's Lobbyist Registration Policy.
  2. Data Sheets - Data sheets describe the site statistics of your proposed development. More than one may apply:
  3. Step Code Design Attestation for Development Permit Applications - To be completed for Development Permit applications involving buildings or major occupancies covered by the City’s Step Code requirements, including multi-family, commercial and industrial buildings. Must be signed by the owner of the site and submitted with the development application. See our Step Code page to determine whether the building(s) associated with your Development Permit application need to meet Step Code requirements.
  4. Sustainable Development Checklist Form - May be required for Land Development applications such as OCP Amendments, Rezoning and Development Permits. To determine if this applies, schedule a Pre-Application Meeting with Surrey Planning and Development Staff. If required, submit the completed Checklist by emailing a completed PDF or handing in a hardcopy form.
  5. Site Disclosure Statement - To be completed by the owner(s), site operator or authorized agent. This form must be included with all Rezoning, Subdivision, Development Permit, Development Variance Permit and Building Permit applications when soil disturbance is occurring on sites that have had Commercial or Industrial activities occurring regardless of zoning.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to fill out this form.
  6. Tree Survey and Arborist Report - The tree survey is conducted by a land surveyor and identifies the size and location of all trees on and adjacent to the subject site. The Arborist Report assesses the overall health and quality of the trees on or adjacent to the subject site.
  7. Title Search - Provide one for each property included in an application. Obtain the Title Search through the New Westminster Land Title Office.
  8. Proposed Subdivision Layout or Design Drawings - Plans or drawings should conform to the standards in the Submission Requirements checklist. Applications for a Development Permit may be referred to the Surrey Advisory Design Panel (ADP). Refer to the ADP Terms of Reference for a description of the type of project that may require submission to the ADP.
  9. Application Fees - All land development applications can be submitted via e-mail to You may refer to the documents below to estimate the application fees on your project. However, the application fees will be verified once your e-mail application is reviewed. City staff will contact you  to process the payment. Please note that NCP Surcharge fees may apply. 

Return all submission requirements with application fees via one of our submission methods.

Step 2. Receive Development Application Acceptance and Track your Project

The City of Surrey's Planning & Development Department will review your application package to make sure it's complete. Your application will be assigned to an Area Planner if the application's accepted.

If your Development Application is complete, it'll be accepted, a file will be created, and you'll get a project number.

Type your project number into the Online Development Inquiry to learn your project's Area Planner and see other project information and status.

Online Development Inquiry


See what comes next in the application review and approval process.