Learn about the City's Smart Surrey Strategy.

Surrey's Smart Surrey Strategy outlines how technology and innovation are considered in our existing and future plans, programs and infrastructure. It provides a foundation upon which the City continues to enhance our efforts to integrate innovative, tech-savvy city building approaches.

What is a Smart City?

A "Smart City" creates sustainable economic development and a high quality of life for its residents by considering innovation and technological advancements as a key ingredient in its decision making, strategy and investment.

Smart Cities have the potential to improve every aspect of community life, including how people:

  • move around
  • earn a living
  • learn and participate in society
  • interact with the natural environment
  • create and enjoy safe public spaces

Smart City Initiatives in Surrey

Some of the key initiatives covered in the Smart Surrey Strategy are listed below:

  • Surrey City Energy has been established to implement and operate district energy systems within the City in defined neighbourhoods.
  • Our Traffic Management Centre allows adjustments of traffic signals based on real-time traffic flow. It is the most advanced municipal centre of its kind in BC.
  • Our Open Data Catalogue, comprising more datasets than any other municipality in Canada, includes datasets on crime, financial information and restaurant inspections.
  • Our Citywide Wi-Fi initiative offers free Wi-FI at more than 60 key locations throughout the city, including recreation centres, parks, civic buildings and public spaces.
  • The My Surrey App is a convenient way for residents to interact with the City. There are additional mobile apps as well dedicated to library services, digital mapping, waste collection and more.
  • The Surrey Biofuel Facility processes organic waste into renewable fuel to power Surrey’s waste collection vehicles.

Smart Surrey Broadband Strategy

Cities must plan strategically to keep pace with increasing broadband demands to stay competitive in the digital economy. With this in mind, the City of Surrey has developed the Smart Surrey Broadband Strategy to serve as a guide in building a world-class connected city that is well-positioned to meet and leverage opportunities now and in the future.