Learn about the City's Smart Surrey Strategy.

Surrey's Smart Surrey Strategy outlines how technology and innovation are considered in our existing and future plans, programs and infrastructure. It provides a foundation upon which the City continues to enhance our efforts to integrate innovative, tech-savvy city building approaches.

What is a Smart City?

A "Smart City" creates sustainable economic development and a high quality of life for its residents by considering innovation and technological advancements as a key ingredient in its decision making, strategy and investment.

Smart Cities have the potential to improve every aspect of community life, including how people:

  • move around
  • earn a living
  • learn and participate in society
  • interact with the natural environment
  • create and enjoy safe public spaces

Smart City Initiatives in Surrey

Some of the key initiatives covered in the Smart Surrey Strategy are listed below:

  • Surrey City Energy has been established to implement and operate district energy systems within the City in defined neighbourhoods.
  • Our Traffic Management Centre allows adjustments of traffic signals based on real-time traffic flow. It is the most advanced municipal centre of its kind in BC.
  • The Smart Surrey Broadband Strategy aims to help the city stay competitive with increasing broadband demands.
  • Our Open Data Catalogue, comprising more datasets than any other municipality in Canada, includes datasets on crime, financial information and restaurant inspections.
  • Our Citywide Wi-Fi initiative offers free Wi-FI at more than 60 key locations throughout the city, including recreation centres, parks, civic buildings and public spaces.
  • The My Surrey App is a convenient way for residents to interact with the City. There are additional mobile apps as well dedicated to library services, digital mapping, waste collection and more.
  • The Surrey Biofuel Facility processes organic waste into renewable fuel to power Surrey’s waste collection vehicles.
  • Innovation Boulevard is a partnership of health, business, higher education and government.