Truckers looking for local parking spots can use the following apps to easily find and book available parking spots in Surrey.

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  • Truck operators can search and book truck parking spots close to their destination
  • Truck operators can check real time availability of truck parking spots
  • Property owners can rent truck parking spots and earn passive income

The ParkStash Truck Parking app is available on Android, iOS and Web platforms. 

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ParkStash Benefits

  • Plan your day ahead of time by searching and booking truck parking spot in advance
  • Stop circling around and know your alternative parking options
  • Use a contactless and cashless parking platform
  • Rent unused truck parking spots and earn passive income
  • Book spots on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Filter spots based on amenities desired like washrooms and truck wash
  • Filter spots based on your vehicle type and size
Geopark Logo


  • Truck operators can find the most appropriate parking location by size of vehicle, time of parking, charges, reviews, ratings and amenities
  • Truck operators can pre-book parking spaces by hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly options
  • Property owners can register their vacant space and earn more

The GeoPark Truck Parking app is available on mobile and web platforms. 



GeoPark Benefits

  • Real time search of the nearest parking space, Booking and confirmation
  • Filters related to pricing, amenities, services, nearby location and many more
  • Digital and offline payment options
  • Dedicated Help Desk for support, coordination between lot owners and trucks
  • Analytical records for future planning
  • Rating for lot owners on the basis of their services

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