Learn the process for developing and building a permanent truck parking facility.

Permit to Construct a Truck Parking Facility

You need a Truck Parking Facility Permit in Surrey to park trucks on sites where the transportation industry is a permitted use (IL, IH and come CD zoned sites).

How to apply

Complete the Development Permit Application Form and Building Permit Application Form and submit the required documents, plans, and fees to the City of Surrey’s Planning and Development Department.

Professionals you may need

A Registered Professional (RP) is required to provide a Schedule B to accompany signed and sealed drawings.

A Coordinating Registered Professional (CRP) is required to provide a Schedule A if there will be more than one RP.


A Development Permit and Truck Parking Facility Permit are required prior to the construction of all permanent truck parking facility in zones that permit the transportation industry.

The Development Permit will be processed by the Planning Division and the Truck Parking Facility Permit along with necessary electrical and plumbing permits will be processed by the Building Division. The Development Permit must be issued before a Truck Parking Facility Permit can be issued.

Prior to applying for permits a pre‐application review meeting is required. To book a meeting, call 604‐591‐4448 and leave a message with the civic address. A preliminary site plan will be required for the meeting.

Required documents

Include the following documents with your Truck Parking Facility Permit application:

  • Development Permit Application Form ($623 minimum permit fee - additional fees may apply);
  • Truck Parking Facility Permit Application ($1,559 permit fee), select “other” on the Building Permit Application Form;
  • Owner Authorization Form;
  • Soil Contamination Questionnaire;
  • Tree Survey & Arborist Report (if applicable);
  • Damage Deposit Form ($2,500 damage deposit);
  • Soil Deposition Letter (if any soil is to be removed from the site);
  • Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) assessment and mitigation plan (applicable to sites on an unconfined aquifer);
  • Schedule B to accompany each Registered Professional’s signed and sealed drawings and a copy of their liability insurance;
  • Schedule A (if necessary).

Required drawings

Once the Development Permit has been issued, four original sets of signed and sealed drawings are required for the Truck Parking Facility Permit. The correct civic address shall be displayed in an obvious location on each drawing sheet. The Truck Parking Facility Permit review process cannot be started until the signed and sealed drawings are received.

Include the following drawings with your Truck Parking Facility Permit application:

  • Site plan;
  • Lot grading/drainage drawing;
  • Drawing showing on‐site turning movements and circulation;
  • Storm water management plan; and
  • Legal Survey.

Refer to the Truck Parking Facility bulletin for specific drawing requirements.

After you apply

Additional Permits

The application will be circulated for review to the various internal/external stakeholders and based on the outcome of the application review process additional permits may be required. Some or all of the following permits listed may be required:

  • Driveway Permit;
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Permit;
  • Tree Cutting Permit;
  • Traffic Obstruction Permit;
  • Storm Water Connection Permit;
  • Plumbing Permit; and
  • Electrical Permit.

Restrictive Covenants

Prior to the issuance of the Truck Parking Facility Permit, restrictive covenants will be registered against the property for the following:

  • Restriction against constructing a building until a building permit is obtained;
  • Payment of development cost charges (DCC’s) for the entire developed area identified and constructed as part of the truck parking facility permit when a building permit is obtained on the lot or when the lot is subdivided;
  • The maintenance of the water quality control facility; and
  • Restriction against conducting repairs, maintenance and/or truck washing.


Once the Truck Parking Facility Permit has been issued, contractors must complete all the requirements identified as per accepted permit drawings. Refer to the Truck Parking Facility bulletin for specific requirements.

Final Approval

Upon completion of construction, the contractor will request an inspection by calling 604‐591‐4231. Final approval will be provided by the Building Inspections Section for the truck parking facility and the damage deposit will be returned less any draws once all requirements are met.

The truck parking facility operator must obtain a business licence from Bylaw & Licensing Services prior to parking any trucks on the site. The business licence must be renewed annually.