Apply for a permit when installing or altering a sprinkler system, standpipe system or hose station.

You need a Fire Sprinkler Permit in Surrey for:

  • fire sprinkler system installation or alteration,
  • standpipe system installation or alteration, or
  • hose station installation or alteration.

For all buildings detailed design drawings, calculations and Schedule B (if applicable) must be submitted at the time of Building Permit application and must be accepted prior to issuance of the Building Permit.

After Building Permit issuance, the Sprinkler Permit application can be submitted without any accompanying drawings or documents and permit fees will be required based on the counts in the accepted design drawings.

Review the Fire Sprinkler Permit Process bulletin for detailed instructions.

Professionals you may need

  • A licensed contractor from a fire sprinkler system installation company typically makes Sprinkler Permit applications.
  • A Registered Professional of Record (RPR) must also be involved in Sprinkler Permit applications for all new buildings and additions.

A RPR must be involved in Sprinkler Permit applications for tenant improvements under certain circumstances. 

A RPR is required for a standpipe system or hose station and if the project has 5 or more new, or 20 or more relocated sprinklers in relatively new buildings. 

The inspector or other building officials reserve the right to request the involvement of a RPR at any time, if the complexity and specific site conditions warrant.

The RPR for the Fire Suppression System must be involved throughout the fire sprinkler system design and field review process as a part of their professional responsibility. Engage the RPR as early on in the building permit process as possible to facilitate coordination with the other RPRs.

How to apply

The Sprinkler Permit application will be submitted without any accompanying drawings or documents as these must be accepted as part of the Building Permit review process. If the required sprinkler submission is not available at the time of Building Permit application, the City will accept a letter of undertaking by the applicant. A building permit will not be issued until the City has reviewed and accepted the fire sprinkler submission.

After the Building Permit has been issued, complete a Plumbing/Sprinkler Permit Application Form and pay the required application fee, based on the counts in the accepted drawings at Surrey City Hall's second floor service counter.

Digital permit intakes

Instead of making a trip to City Hall, permit applications can be submitted by email to Before submitting your application, please review the Digital Submission Guideline. You will be contacted once we have reviewed your submission.

All permit application processes will remain the same, apart from receiving the physical document copies. Hard copies of permit application submissions may be necessary and requested depending on the scope of work and project size, upon completion of the digital submission.

Required documents

The following documents must be submitted at the time of Building Permit application:

  • a Schedule B if a RPR is involved; and
  • two (2) sets of detailed hydraulic calculations, or justification that hydraulic calculations are not necessary.

Required drawings

The following drawings must be submitted at the time of Building Permit application:

  • four (4) sets of detailed sprinkler design drawings drawn to an indicated scale.

All tenant improvement drawings must include, as a minimum, and regardless of whether or not a RPR is required:

  • all rooms and spaces labelled;
  • all rooms and sprinkler spacing drawn to an indicated scale;
  • location of existing mains and branch lines;
  • existing, new, and relocated sprinklers shown as different symbols; and
  • a sprinkler legend showing the sprinkler type, model number, K-factor, response type, and any other special characteristics for each sprinkler symbol.

All drawings, calculations and Schedule B must be signed and sealed if the project involves a RPR. All drawings and documents must include the civic address of the project as well as the name and phone number of the installation contractor.

Fire Sprinkler Permit fees

Sprinkler Permit Fees are due at the time of the Sprinkler Permit application. Any sprinkler system installed without a permit will be subject to a fee penalty and/or a Stop Work Order.

After you apply

For new buildings and additions, the RPR must submit a sealed, signed and dated field review report to the Coordinating Registered Professional every month and attend the group final inspection of the building. For tenant improvement if there's any existing deficiency outside the scope of the tenant improvement sprinkler work, the owner is responsible to correct the deficiency before final acceptance of the Sprinkler Permit and Building Permit.

Inspections and final acceptance

Where there is no RPR involved, an inspection must be called after the installation is complete. Contact the Plumbing Section at 604-591-4245 to schedule an inspection.

When a RPR is involved, a Schedule C-B shall be submitted to the Plumbing Section after installation is complete; thus, it may not be necessary to call for an inspection. The City may nevertheless conduct site visits at any stage during construction to monitor the sprinkler system installation for substantial conformance with the BC Building Code even if there is a RPR involved.


Consult with the Building Division to see if any proposed change is considered a design change. If design changes have occurred after issuance of the Building Permit you must apply for a Revision Building Permit and submit:

  • revised sprinkler drawings;
  • calculations; and
  • a list of the changes.

Other permit information

BC Building Code requirements for zoning the fire alarm system may pose problems for tenant improvements because the sprinkler system will typically be installed as a single zone throughout the shell building.

See the City of Surrey's alternate arrangements for Sprinkler System Zoning.