Apply for an Outdoor Seating Area Permit for eating or licensed beverage establishments.

You need an Outdoor Seating Area Building Permit in Surrey to create an eating or licensed beverage establishment.

How to apply

Complete the Building Permit Application Form and submit the required documents, plans, and fees to the City of Surrey's Building Division by email, or in-person by appointment.

Digital permit intakes

Planning & Development permits can be submitted by email to Before submitting your application, please review the Digital Submission Guideline. You will be contacted once we have reviewed your submission.

All permit application processes will remain the same, apart from receiving the physical document copies. Hard copies of permit application submissions may be necessary and requested depending on the scope of work and project size, upon completion of the digital submission. 

Professionals you may need

Any proposed fence or trellis greater than 1.8m (6ft) in height and all roofs require the involvement of a Structural Registered Professional (RP). A Coordinating Registered Professional (CRP) is required if there is more than one RP.


The Planning Division shall determine if the proposed outdoor seating will comply with approved Development Permit conditions for the site. Applicants are advised to consult with the Planning Division prior to applying for a Building Permit to add outdoor seating.

All existing work within the subject tenant space must have been constructed under a previously issued Building Permit.

An outdoor seating area cannot be located in a required setback from a property line. The sidewalk around an outdoor seating area shall not be less than 1.5m (5ft) wide and shall remain unobstructed at all times.

An exit gate shall be provided if the outdoor seating area is enclosed. The exit gate shall meet all the exit and accessibility requirements of the BC Building Code and shall not be obstructed at any time.

The Fraser Health Authority must review the drawings prior to the Building Permit application submission.

Required documents

Include the following documents with your Outdoor Seating Area Permit application:

  • a Building Permit Application Form;
  • a Building Permit Application Checklist;
  • an Owner Authorization Form (if the Applicant is not the Owner);
  • a Schedule A from the Coordinating Registered Professional (if applicable);
  • a Schedule B to accompany each Registered Professional’s sealed and signed drawings;
  • calculations showing the required number of water closets based on the total occupant load (including the outdoor seats); and
  • calculations showing the required number of parking spaces.

Required drawings

Include the following plans with your Outdoor Seating Area Permit application:

  • four (4) sets of plans:
    • site plan showing the proposed location of the outdoor seating area, the distances to the property lines, and the location of any sidewalks;
    • elevation drawings if there is any proposed fence, trellis, or roof for the outdoor seating area; and
    • sealed and signed structural drawings for any proposed fence or trellis greater than 1.8 m (6 ft) in height. All roofs require sealed and signed structural drawings.


The Building Permit fee is due at the time of application for your Outdoor Seating Area Permit.

After you apply

Fraser Health Authority approval is required again before requesting a final inspection.