Learn about applying for your next Home Owner Grant.

The Province of British Columbia offers a home owner grant that reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence. The grant is applied toward the current year's property tax.

If you qualify for a home owner grant, you can apply online with the Province of BC once you receive your property tax notice in May. 

Municipalities, including Surrey, no longer accept retroactive or current year Home Owner Grant applications.

How to Apply

Apply through the B.C. Government's Home Owner Grant page. The City of Surrey no longer accepts grant applications.

When to Apply

Apply for the grant each year by July 2 to avoid late penalty fees on the grant amount. When a due date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, we accept payments the following business day without penalty.

If you don't pay your property tax balance in full, in anticipation of receiving a home owner grant, but your grant application is denied, you may receive late penalties on the tax amount remaining.

After you've claimed your home owner grant, pay your property tax online or pre-pay your property taxes for next year.

To determine if you have an amount due log in to your My Property Account to view your account information. If you do not have your folio or access code, visit the Property and Payment Services counter at Surrey City Hall. This information is provided on all your property tax notices (including prior years) and it cannot be provided over the phone or by email.

Retroactive Home Owner Grants

If you forgot to apply for your Home Owner Grant last year, you may be eligible to claim the grant retroactively this year.

For more information please visit the B.C. Government's Home Owner Grant page or call the Home Owner Grant office at 1-888-355-2700.


Contact propertytaxesandutilities@surrey.ca or 604-591-4181 for questions about property taxes and utilities in Surrey.