Row of Surrey garbage carts

Learn how you can exchange, replace, or order collection carts and get information on bags and stickers for your waste collection needs.

Please be advised that we are currently out of stock of all 360 L carts (garbage, recycling and organics). At this time you may request a 240 L cart instead or check here for updates on 360 L availability. Online orders for 360 L carts will not be fulfilled.

Collection Carts

Learn how you can order/ exchange a cart, address excess waste and how you can keep your cart clean.

If you need to replace a lost cart or if you've moved into a new house in Surrey, please call the Waste Collection Hotline 604-590-7289 to order a new cart. The following steps would not apply.

Exchange or Order Additional Carts

If you regularly find yourself struggling with excess waste and fitting it into your cart you can exchange your cart for a larger one. If this is an occasional issue, read below for tips on how to deal with excess waste.

If you have the opposite situation (your cart is too big) you can exchange your cart for a smaller one. If you just moved into your home and do not have a cart- you can order one.

Before you order your cart

  1. Find the size of the cart you are replacing and/or the size of the new cart you would like. Cart size can be found on the top of the lid, near the handle;
  2. Have payment ready (see delivery fees below);
  3. Use the Online Waste Cart Service or contact the Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289.

Delivery fees

  • $25 per additional or replacement cart
  • $15 fee for cart exchanges

Garbage cart fees

Additional annual waste collection fees will apply for additional or larger garbage carts.

Garbage Cart Additional Fee per Year
Additional 80 L/120 L $149
Additional 180 L/240 L $298
Additional 360 L $441
Replace current size to 360 L $149


Recommended Cart Sizes

Dwelling Type Organics Cart Size Recycling Cart Size Garbage Cart Size
Single Family Home 240 L 240 L 240 L
Single Family Home with suite 240 L 360 L 360 L
Townhouse 120 L 240 L 180 L


Excess Waste Tips

There's a lot of room in your standard cart, but sometimes when you have a lot of garbage, recycling or organics there are a few ways to address waste that just doesn't fit.

  • Please ensure your organics cart is full prior to using kraft paper bags or additional cans. If you regularly use extra bags or cans for yard waste, please request a larger or additional cart.
  • Extra carts will prevent drivers from reloading your cart - reloading can be messy and can subject your driver to injury
  • Place excess next to your cart; in kraft paper bags properly closed; in old yard waste containers with a yard sticker attached; or tied with natural twine in bundles no larger than 1 x 0.6 m (3 x 2 ft)
  • See Stickers, Bags and Calendars to find out where to purchase kitchen or yard waste bags.
  • Flatten containers whenever possible to gain more space in your recycling cart. Keep the caps off.
  • Flattened cardboard boxes can be placed beside the cart in tied bundles. Please ensure that they are cut down to fit inside your recycling cart.
  • If you consistently have excess recyclables, request a larger or additional cart by calling the Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289.

Excess garbage must be placed in a waste bin or bag with an extra sticker attached. See Stickers, Bags and Calendars to find out where to purchase extra garbage stickers or give your items a second life - donate or sell your used items.

Cart Cleaning Tips

Keep your carts clean by storing your carts in a cool, shaded, ventilated area and keep the lid closed. You can also wash your carts periodically with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution. Pour soapy water onto grass or gravel. Do not pour soapy water down outside drains. We also have a couple tips specific to your recycling cart and organics cart.

Recycling Cart

  • Empty and rinse containers before placing in your cart to prevent odours

Organics Cart 

  • Wrap and layer food scraps in newspaper, paper bags, paper towel or cereal boxes
  • Freeze meat scraps in a paper bag until collection bag
  • Sprinkle baking soda to reduce odours

Want someone else to clean out your organics cart? Research local cleaning companies online and keep your hands clean. Whatever method you use, your efforts are helping the City towards sustainability.

Kitchen Catcher Tips

  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper, paper bags*, paper towel, or place in cardboard boxes
  • Line the bottom of your kitchen catcher with old newspaper**, cardboard, or a brown paper bag
  • Freeze food scraps in a paper bag until collection day
  • Keep the lid of your kitchen catcher closed
  • Sprinkle small amounts of baking soda over food waste if necessary to decrease odour
  • Wash your kitchen catcher out periodically with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution
  • Empty your kitchen catcher for collection every week even if it is not completely full

Plastic or compostable bags are not permitted. For more information regarding kitchen catchers, please call our Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289.

* Kraft Paper Bags are currently unavailable for purchase at City Recreation Facilities at this time. Please refer to your nearest retailer for alternative paper bag options.

* * Learn how to fold a kitchen catcher newspaper insert to help keep your kitchen catcher clean.

Stickers & Bags

Find extra items for free or for purchase at participating recreation facilities.

  • City Hall, 2nd floor, Engineering Front Counter (decals & stickers only)
  • Cloverdale Recreation Centre
  • Don Christian Recreation Centre
  • Fleetwood Community Recreation Centre
  • Fraser Heights Recreation Centre
  • Guildford Recreation Centre
  • Newton Wave Pool
  • Operations Centre (calendars only)
  • South Surrey Indoor Pool
  • South Surrey Recreation Centre
  • Surrey Nature Centre (calendars only)
  • Surrey Sports & Leisure Complex
Item Quantity Cost
Yard Waste Decals N/A Free
Extra Garbage Stickers 1 $5.50
Kraft Yard Waste Bags* Packages of 5 $1.75
Kraft Kitchen Waste Bags* Packages of 10 $1.00
Rethink Waste Diversion Guide & Collection Calendar N/A Free

*Currently unavailable