See if your new land development needs to connect to Surrey City Energy's district energy centre.

A mandatory connection requirement has been established for new developments over a certain size within Surrey City Energy’s service area. This enables successful development of the utility and also establishes a level playing field for the development community.

Please refer to the District Energy Bulletin and Design Criteria Manual for specific requirements for developers of new projects connecting to Surrey City Energy. Developers need to complete an Application for District Energy Service as part of the Building Permit process. 

Mandatory connection eliminates financial risk to the public, helps achieve necessary economies of scale and creates a viable investment proposition for the growth of Surrey City Energy.

Services Areas

View Map of Service Areas A and B

Service Area A

Service area A, at approximately 290 hectares, encompasses land that is primarily designated for high-density development with a floor area ratio (FAR) greater than 3.5. Many projects designated within this area are 30 to 50 storey towers with FARs above 5.0).

Service Area B

Service area B encompasses the remainder of City Centre, which primarily includes land designated for low to medium densities at a FAR less than 3.5, with the majority less than 2.5 and slated for four-to-six story apartment buildings.

Buildings in Service area B are not required to connect to district energy system, but they are required to be partially district energy-compatible, allowing future buildings owners to connect to the system.