Learn about the City of Surrey's first aid courses and recertification training.

The City of Surrey is offering a limited selection of First Aid and CPR training and recertification courses. All class sizes have been reduced to ensure physical distancing. Learn these important, life-saving skills for your work or if you want to help and be prepared for emergencies.

Register for first aid courses and get certified! Certification is valid for three years. You must take your recertification courses before your certificate expires. 

Our highly trained instructors teach you how to:

  • assess a situation,
  • perform CPR for adults, children and infants,
  • help someone who's choking and
  • use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

For Everyone’s Safety

  • We encourage all participants to bring their own pocket mask to the course or they can choose to purchase one at the time of registration 
    • We will be able to provide a pocket mask for use during these courses however, for hygiene reasons, you may feel more comfortable having your own 
  • Participants are also encouraged to bring a face covering to wear for the dry component of the course
    • If students are unable to wear a face covering to their class, they will not be admitted into the class and must reschedule
  • Participants will be screened daily
    • Any participant showing signs of illness will be immediately asked to leave the course if symptoms align with COVID-19 and have not been ruled out through a test or isolation protocols
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