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Gain Valuable Skills with our Lifeguard Training Courses

Start your path towards being a lifeguard or aquatic instructor! Register for a limited amount of lifeguard training courses and complete your prerequisites at once for all advanced lifesaving training programs. To participate, you must be 13 years and older or have a Bronze Star certification.

For Everyone’s Safety

  • We encourage all participants to bring their own pocket mask to the course or they can choose to purchase one at the time of registration
    • We will be able to provide a pocket mask for use during these courses however, for hygiene reasons, you may feel more comfortable having your own 
  • Participants are also encouraged to bring a face covering to wear for the dry component of the course
    • If students are unable to wear a face covering to their class, they will not be admitted into the class and must reschedule
  • Participants will be screened daily
    • Any participant showing signs of illness will be immediately asked to leave the course if symptoms align with COVID-19 and have not been ruled out through a test or isolation protocols

National Lifeguard Recertification Requirements

Participants must complete the Airway Management & Oxygen Administration (AMOA) certification before completing the National Lifeguard Recertification. We’ve added the skills evaluation to the beginning of this course to ensure participants have this new pre-requisite completed before beginning the National Lifeguard Recertification. Please complete the online AMOA form on the Lifesaving Society’s website.

If you need to participate in the AMOA skills evaluation to complete your AMOA certification, select the “AMOA Skills Evaluation” option so we can process your AMOA certification. If you already have your AMOA certification, you will be required to show proof of this pre-requisite at the start of the National Lifeguard Recertification course.

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