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Making the museum accessible for everyone.

The Museum of Surrey is a free, fully accessible venue in every sense: intellectually, culturally and physically.

We have made the visitor experience comfortable with:

  • Multiple seating areas
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Icon-based signage
  • A telecoil loop for hearing aids
  • Available staff to answer your questions
  • Free parking with six accessible stalls
  • Safe, multisensory exhibits
  • Braille and tactile signage
  • Elevator to second floor galleries
  • Wheelchair available for loan
  • Lowered service counter
  • Noise cancelling headphones and sensory kit available at reception
  • Accessible theatre with four wheelchair accessible seating areas
  • Sensory Sunday, first Sunday of every month from 10am-12pm.


  • Accessible washrooms
  • Universal washrooms
  • Female washrooms
  • Male washrooms
  • Child change tables

Preparing for your visit

See what to expect with a virtual tour of the museum. What is a Museum of Surrey visit like? Explore our storybook, made in partnership with Canucks Autism Network.

Sensory Kits are available at reception and are sanitized after each use. Verified service animals are permitted.

sensory kit items


Museum of Surrey accessibility statement

Every person in Surrey has a place here. We aspire to be accessible in every sense of the word: physically, intellectually, culturally, and economically. We are committed to making visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

Museum of Surrey will:

  • Work closely with community partners, accessibility organizations and the City accessibility team to continually review accessibility within the facility and identify potential barriers to participation
  • Provide ongoing training for staff and volunteers to ensure visitors are treated with dignity and respect
  • Make universal design and independent participation a priority in development of MOS exhibits, programs and events
  • Make annual financial investments in accessibility features so that MOS can continually serve visitors better

Teaching accessibility best practices

MOS is committed to guiding other institutions to be more accessible as well. Watch our session with Marco Pasqua, entitled 5 Surprising Easy Changes to Make Your Business or Public Space More Accessible.