A person uses a loom with brightly coloured textile

Find out more about the textile centre, a unique feature of the Museum of Surrey.

Drop by this interactive working textile studio to watch weaving demonstrations and have a look at the unique textile collection. 

Pre-register for a museum tour to see the Textile Centre.

Fabric and patterns are cultural threads woven throughout Surrey. Museum of Surrey wouldn’t be your museum without a working textile studio featuring looms and a textile collection for the visitors to view. Staffed largely by volunteers giving demonstrations and answering questions, it is an interactive space you don’t see every day.

Who Are the Hoosers?

The amazing Honey Hooser! The centre is named after her because her son donated her extensive textile collection to the museum in 1984. As a local weaving expert and mentor, Honey used her craft to help special needs people, including badly injured soldiers after WWII.

Weaving was a family affair for the Hoosers, with Arthur Hooser and their sons building looms for Honey and the people she worked with. Among Honey’s many accomplishments was one of her hand woven skirts in a layette given to Queen Elizabeth for the birth of Princess Anne.

The Jacquard Loom

The first of its kind was created in France in 1804 using a punch card method to create intricate patterns. Would you believe these repeating patterns were the inspiration for computer hardware? It’s true! Honey Hooser brought it back from Europe in the 50s and now this masterpiece lives in the museum for visitors to behold.