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Equipping teachers and homeschoolers with quality programming. Curriculum current Museum of Surrey school programs are created by expert staff with in-depth knowledge of provincial curriculum and Surrey’s history.

Resources for the 2020/21 School Year

While the museum will not be offering on-site school programs this fall, our education staff have modified many of our programs for teachers to deliver in the classroom. Free, self guided visits are also a great option for homeschoolers Wednesday to Friday.

Each modified program contains 1.5 hours of programming on a flashdrive, including teacher notes, a PowerPoint presentation, a set plan, photos of artifacts and a craft activity with craft supplies included. Cost: $51.60. View the printable brochure.

Christmas Long Ago (K to 4)

Sleigh bells jingling and carols sung around the fireplace; children experience how early settlers celebrated the holidays in Surrey long ago. See our 1870’s cabin decorated for an old-time Christmas, look at artifact photos, and make traditional decorations to put on your tree. Craft supplies provided.

Growing Surrey (Grade 3 to 4)

Surrey has experienced many changes on its way to being the city we know today. Compare the lives of both Indigenous peoples and early Surrey settlers to our lives today when you virtually explore the 1870’s cabin, the Surrey Stories Gallery, and the Museum’s Textile Centre. Spinning tops provided.

Homestead to High-rise (K to Grade 2)

Food, transportation, access to emergency services and getting an education – all were fundamental needs in an early settler community. As students look at artifact photos and videos of replica toys in use, they relate settler experiences in a growing community with contemporary living in Surrey. Craft supplies provided.

Métis: The Flower Beadwork People (Grade 3 to 4)

Explore the Métis culture and learn how this distinct nation joins European and Indigenous traditions to create a unique set of values, language, music, dance and art.  Students look at photos of Métis artifacts, learn about the buffalo hunt, and dance a Métis jig. Craft supplies provided.

Simple Machines (Grade 5)

Explore six simple machines : pulley, lever, wheel-and-axle, inclined plane, screw and wedge. Students look at artifact photos and videos, work through a scavenger hunt, and create a catapult to take home. Craft supplies provided.

Wartime Christmas (Grade 5 to 6)

Discover how families maintained the Christmas spirit during World War II when rations, homemade gifts and absent family members were a reality. Students participate in a wartime holiday story, learn about sugar rationing, and make Christmas crafts to take home. Craft supplies provided.

Rentable Edukits

Created specifically for delivery by teachers, edukits may contain hands on artifacts and archival materials, including photographs, newspaper articles, letters, clothing, toys and more. They also include a comprehensive teacher package of suggested activities.

Packaged in a convenient suitcase, they are available on three-week loan with enough content to fill the duration of the rental. Cost: $53.00.

  • A Year at Cloverdale Elementary (K to Grade 4)
  • Surrey's Home Front (Grades 9 to 11)
  • Surrey’s Punjabi Community (K to Grade 5)

Once Edukits are returned, they will be left untouched for two weeks to protect staff from potential COVID-19 exposure. The suitcase and its contents will then be disinfected before the Edukit is rented again.

How to Book Programs and Edukits

Contact Michelle Davidson-Yee, Education Programs Specialist, at to book school programs and Edukits.

Pre-Registered Visits

Mid week is an ideal time for homeschoolers and blended-learning groups to visit the museum. Students can enjoy a quiet museum and experience local history firsthand. Register for a one hour visit Wednesday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Learn more