About Surrey bylaws

A bylaw is a document that describes rules, regulations and requirements for the conduct of the City, residents of the City and those who visit the City. They are an extension of the laws put in place at a higher level of government, and serve to clarify but not contradict those laws.

Our bylaw library contains downloadable, printable copies of municipal bylaws. Use the search tool below to find a specific bylaw or browse the most commonly accessed bylaws. 

In some instances, bylaws have been consolidated for easier interpretation. Consolidated bylaws are convenience copies, and while we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the bylaws on our website, it is advisable to refer to the original bylaw and amendment bylaws.

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Bylaw search

Use the search below to find PDF copies of the City's bylaws. You can filter results by using a bylaw number or keyword and by the category (type of bylaw). 

If you are looking for Comprehensive Development Bylaws or Local Area Service Bylaws, contact the City Clerk's office at clerks@surrey.ca


If you have a question about a bylaw, or to report a bylaw infraction, contact our Bylaw Enforcement team at 604-591-4370 or bylawcomplaint@surrey.ca.

For help locating a specific version of a bylaw, please contact the the Legislative Services Department at clerks@surrey.ca.

Learn more about reporting common property use bylaw infractions.