Learn about decisions made by the City by reading through Corporate Reports from Mayor and Council and other committees. 

Council & Committee Corporate Reports

Council Minutes describe the decisions that were made by Council, but Corporate Reports detail the reasoning and recommendations that are carefully considered.

You can find Corporate Reports for:

  • Regular Council
  • Regular Council Land Use
  • Council-In-Committee
  • Finance Committee

These are each represented in the Category drop-down in the search box below.

We have thousands of Corporate Reports available for viewing, so we have provided filters to help you find the one(s) you're looking for. Enter relevant keywords, a category and year of the report to get the most accurate results.

If you know the report number (sometimes referenced in meeting minutes or other documents), enter that into the keyword field. The number is typically a single letter (R, F, C, or L) followed by three numbers (ie. R034).


The Corporate Reports search tool is being updated to include the addition of filtering by date or date range. If you have any difficulty using this tool or locating a specific document, please contact webteam@surrey.ca.

Corporate reports search

Search tips: If you are having trouble finding something, try broadening your search. Remove the category filter or year filter or try using fewer keywords. You can also try a more generic keyword or different word.

If you aren't able to find what you're looking for, reach out to the City Clerks Office, Legislative Services at 604-591-4132 or email clerks@surrey.ca.