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South Port Kells NCP Area 1 (Anniedale-Tynehead)

In March 2009, Council approved the Terms of Reference for the preparation of a Neighbourhood Concept Plan for the combined areas of Anniedale "A," Anniedale "B," and Tynehead within South Port Kells. This page provides background information on the planning process.

News and updates

Anniedale-Tynehead Stage II Plan Approval

In April 2012, Surrey City Council Approved the Stage 2 Anniedale-Tynehead Neighbourhood Concept Plan. As part of this approval, Council endorsed the:

See the Secondary Land Use Plan for the Guilford area of Surrey for the complete Anniedale-Tynehead Stage 2 Report, Map and Materials.

Public Open House Display Materials Stage II

In October 2011, the City of Surrey held a Final Public Open House to provide residents, owners, and other interested parties with an opportunity to view and comment on the Stage II Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) and Final Engineering Report findings for the Anniedale-Tynehead area.

Anniedale-Tynehead Stage I Approval

On October 4, 2010, Surrey City Council approved the Stage 1 Land Use Concept for the Anniedale-Tynehead NCP Area. Council has also Authorized City staff to undertake the Stage 2 component of the NCP planning process on the basis of the Stage 1 Land Use Concept, including:

(a) The refinements of the Land Use Concept plan based on further analysis;
(b) The resolution of transportation requirements that may arise from transportation modelling work;
(c) The preparation of design and development guidelines for development in the NCP area; and
(d) The completion of an engineering servicing plan and a comprehensive financial strategy that will provide adequate funding for the construction of infrastructure, phasing of development and the provision of community amenities.

See the October 4, 2010, Corporate Report R212 “Anniedale-Tynehead Neighbourhood Concept Plan - Stage 1 Land Use Concept – UPDATE” for more details.

Past Stage I Open House information

Anniedale-Tynehead NCP Open House 2010

Anniedale-Tynehead NCP Open House - November 25, 2009

Anniedale-Tynehead NCP Open House - May 11, 2009

Consultant Reports & Assessments

Corporate Reports

For more background and process information, learn from the Anniedale-Tynehead Citizen's Advisory Committee.

Past NCP information

Access information on work completed during the Anniedale "A" NCP, which was suspended in 2007.