Review the land use plan for Guildford Centre, the Hawthorne District, and the Headwaters District. 

The Guildford Plan is a strategy to guide growth in North Surrey over the next 30 to 50 years. The Plan describes how Guildford Centre and the neighbouring Hawthorne and Headwaters Districts will accommodate growth and meet City objectives related to housing and climate change. The Plan includes a strategy that integrates land use, transportation systems, parks, community amenities, and infrastructure. The Guildford Plan was approved by Council on October 30, 2023.

Plan area

The Guildford Plan Area encompasses approximately 515 hectares of land within the communities of Guildford and Whalley (the portion west of 144 Street). It extends from the edge of City Centre at 140 Street to the Trans-Canada Highway’s 160 Street interchange and is roughly bound by 100 Avenue to the south and 108 Avenue to the north. The Plan Area includes the sub-areas of Guildford Centre, the Hawthorne District, and the Headwaters District.

Map showing Guildford Plan area boundaries

Background information

In 2016 a planning process was initiated for the Guildford Plan Area, premised on the delivery of light rail transit along 104 Avenue, connecting to City Centre and Newton. The process was to include background studies, technical analysis, and a comprehensive program of community consultation.

By mid-2018, planning had progressed to the development of draft land use, transportation, and parks and open space concepts. In November of the same year, following the election of a new City Council, the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Light Rail Transit project was suspended. As a result, a review of the draft Plan and additional community consultation was required.

In July 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R147, granting Stage 1 approval of the Plan and authorizing minor Plan boundary adjustments. The adjustments resulted in the inclusion of small areas north of 108 Avenue and east of 158 Street within the Plan Area.

In Stage 2 of the planning process, work included the preparation of urban design policies, public realm plans, engineering servicing plans, and financial strategies. On October 30, 2023, Council endorsed Corporate Report R181, giving final approval to the Plan and concluding the planning process.

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