Review the land use concept plan for the Abbey Ridge neighbourhood in Fraser heights.

Abby Ridge is the name of the neighbourhood in East Fraser Heights, between Highway 1 and Surrey Bend Regional Park. Originally characterized by its suburban acreage lots, the area is now designated to support urban development. In 2017 Council approved a land use plan for this area.

The plan is largely residential, with industrial designations along the Golden Ears Connector and a small neighbourhood commercial area on Barnston Drive.

The Plan is now being implemented. It provides direction on:

  • type and density of development,
  • parks and trail network; and,
  • engineering infrastructure for the neighbourhood.

Plan Area

The plan area encompasses approximately 175 hectares (430 acres) of land north of Highway 1, between 172 Street in the west and the Port Kells Industrial Area and the Golden Ears Connector.


Background Information

On March 23, 2015, Council endorsed Corporate Report R048 which authorized staff to initiate the East Fraser Heights (Abbey Ridge) land use plan. The purpose of the planning process was to develop a coordinated land use concept and servicing strategy for the area.

On December 14, 2015, following a community consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report R243 which approved a Stage 1 (draft) land use plan. Council also directed staff to proceed with the Stage 2 planning process, including additional community consultation, engineering and servicing studies and the development of a financial implementation strategy.

On February 6, 2017, Council endorsed Corporate Report R032 which approved the final Abbey Ridge Local Area Plan.

Key Documents

Servicing Documents

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