See the approved secondary land use plans in Guildford.

Guildford and Fraser Heights' land use plans provide neighbourhood-level details to guide development in growing areas. This includes land use designations and density, road network details, locations of amenities, servicing and other related information. Explore Guildford's land use plans below, including current projects and approved plans.

Current Projects

Guildford Community Map

We develop and update land use plans to guide growth and plan for the future. Explore Guildford's ongoing land use plans and see how you can share your input:

  • Anniedale Tynehead NCP - We're creating a new plan for Anniedale Tynehead that will support development of new housing and jobs and help protect the environment. 

Approved Land Use Plans

Approved Land Use Plans have been developed through community consultation and endorsed by Council. These plans are used to guide development within Guildford.  Explore approved plans by neighbourhood:

Guildford Town Centre 

  • Guildford Plan - This land use plan guides development in the town centre of Guildford and the adjoining Hawthorne and Headwaters Districts. 

Fraser Heights

  • Abbey Ridge LAP - This local area plan guides future development in the eastern neighbourhood of Fraser Heights.

South Port Kells

  • South Port Kells GLUP - This general land use plan provides an overall framework that guides all future land use plans for the South Port Kells area.