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Plan Review & Permit Issuance

You are ready to move to the plan review and permit issuance step of the land development process after

The plan review and permit issuance steps will depend on your kind of development. Typically, your project will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Commercial: This includes commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family buildings. Review Commercial Building Permit information.
  • Residential: This includes single family homes, either building a house on a subdivision or doing a demolition/rebuild project. Review Residential Building Permit information for details on residential projects.

Inspections can happen before, during and after construction, both in commercial and residential building projects. The order of inspections and the inspections that you will need also depend on what project you’re doing.

Once you’ve received all relevant permits and completed your construction work, you’re ready to move onto the last step of the land development process: final inspection and occupancy.