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Solar Panel Installation Permit

You need a Building Permit for solar panel installation in Surrey to install solar panels on existing buildings, as part of a photovoltaic (PV) system or solar hot water (SHW) system. Download our guide to applying for a Building Permit for solar panel installations, or see below.

Solar Panel Installations

The following documents and drawings (3 sets) are required at the time of building permit application:

  • Building Permit Application form (available at the Building Division front counter at City Hall)
  • Owner’s Authorization form, if the applicant is not the owner
  • Schedule B from each Registered Professional submitting signed and sealed drawings
  • Schedule A, if more than one Schedule B is submitted
  • Architectural details of the solar panel installation, including components and specifications
  • Roof plan to show the solar panel location, size, height, and setback from roof edges
  • Building elevations to show the solar panel height relative to grade, in compliance with the Zoning Bylaw
  • Structural drawings of the solar panel loads and anchoring details, signed and sealed by a Registered Professional with Schedule B
  • Plumbing drawings if there is any alteration to the plumbing system
  • Electrical drawings of the solar panel installations to demonstrate compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code. The City and BC Hydro require a compliant design to ensure acceptable components are installed and to ensure there is no possibility of feedback into the grid. Refer to the Electrical Plan Review as well as the installer’s design concept/layout drawings as a guide in preparing electrical drawings.

Other Permits

An electrical permit will be required for all solar panel installations. A plumbing permit will be required if there is any alteration to the plumbing system (e.g. solar hot water system). All components need to be CSA approved, and the installation needs to be performed by licensed contractors. Electrical and plumbing permits will not be issued prior to building permit issuance.

Planning Division Approval

Planning Division approval may be required as part of the building permit review process. For more information, please contact the Area Planning Division at 604‐591‐4448.

Building Permit Fee

The building permit fee will be based on the Building Bylaw Fee Schedule effective at the time of the building permit application, and shall be paid at the time of building permit application.