Apply for an Addition Permit before building an addition to a single family dwelling or duplex.

You need an Addition Permit in Surrey for an addition to an existing building (single family dwelling or duplex).

How to Apply

Download the Guide to Applying for a Building Permit for an Addition.

Complete the Building Permit Application Form and submit the required documents, plans, and fees to the City of Surrey's Building Division by email, or in-person by appointment.

Digital Permit Intakes

Planning & Development permits can be submitted by email to Before submitting your application, please review the Digital Submission Guideline. You will be contacted once we have reviewed your submission.

All permit application processes will remain the same, apart from receiving the physical document copies. Hard copies of permit application submissions may be necessary and requested depending on the scope of work and project size, upon completion of the digital submission.

Professionals you may need

A Registered Professional (RP) may be required to provide a Schedule B to accompany signed and sealed drawings.

A Design Consultant may be required to approve and sign drawings.

Required Documents

Include the following documents with your Addition Permit application:

  • a Building Permit Application Form;
  • an Owner Authorization Form (if the Applicant is not the Owner);
  • a current Title Search of the property (may be obtained from the Land Title Office);
  • a Schedule B for structural designs and others (if applicable);
  • a Building Scheme Design Approval (if applicable); and
  • Fraser Health septic approval (if applicable).

Drawing Requirements

Include the following plans with your Addition Permit application:

  • one (1) set of plans:
    • all applicable site plan(s), foundation plan(s), crawlspace plan(s), floor plan(s), roof plan(s), cross section(s);
    • elevation drawings;
    • construction details;
    • moisture management details (rain screen details);
    • an original topographical survey plan no older than six (6) months (if applicable); and
    • an engineered truss layout (if applicable).

All plans and information submitted must be legible and suitable quality for scanning. Minimum size 11" x 17" sheets are required (24" x 36" preferred). Blueprint paper, vellum or graph paper will not be accepted. Drawings in colour ink or in pencil will not be accepted. Drawings should not be laminated. Reversed plans are not acceptable.

Drawings, except the site plan, will be accepted in imperial measures until such time as local industry standards for residential construction are converted to metric standard. Grade elevations to be in metric and to the Geodetic Survey of Canada.

If you cannot prepare acceptable drawings yourself, please retain the services of a qualified designer.


The Building Permit fee is due at the time of your Addition Permit application. The building permit fee will be based on the value of construction (building value). Value of construction means the complete worth of all construction related to a development, including, but not limited to, foundations, structural members, framing, finishes, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drains, heating, air-conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, elevators, all plans and specifications, labour and fees for design, testing, consulting, management, contractors' profit and overhead, sales taxes, and insurance, all contributed labour and materials, and site works and improvements not included in other permits.