Apply for a guide to decommission an in ground swimming pool.

You need a Building Permit to decommission (or fill in) an in ground swimming pool in Surrey.

See the Guide to Applying for a Building Permit to Decommission Swimming Pool.

You may also need a building permit for building a swimming pool.

Permit Requirements

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • A completed Building Permit Application form
  • A current Title Search which may be obtained from the Land Title Office
  • Owner Authorization Form (if the Applicant is not the Registered Owner)
  • A letter or work order from the company decommissioning the pool (should one be retained) stating the scope of work and that granular material will be used to fill in the pool. Please note: Concrete cannot be left in place and the cavity cannot be filled with broken concrete from the pool or surrounding pool apron.
  • If no machinery is to be used for the work, a letter is to be provided from the owner stating such. If machinery will be used, please show on the site plan where the machinery will be accessing the pool from (i.e. down the side yard, from the rear yard, etc.)
  • A site plan accurately drawn to scale showing: The entire lot, legal description of the property, property lines and identification; Location of the existing swimming pool; and Location and sizes of all existing trees on the lot and location of any nearby trees on the boulevard or neighbouring property (Tree barriers may be required)
  • Payment of the permit fee
  • A damage deposit may be required