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Winter Snow & Ice Control Operations

The City of Surrey has 4,500 lane kilometers of road and our crews work hard to prepare and maintain roads for winter conditions.

Take a look through some of our services and resources so you're prepared for this winter.

Snow and Ice Removal Priorities

There are 3 priorities of roads:

  • Priority 1: First priority for snow removal. This includes high volume arterial, major collector roads and steeply graded roads.
  • Priority 2 : Second priority for snow removal. This includes all secondary roads within residential areas and access roads to long term care facilities.
  • Priority 3: Third priority for snow removal. This includes all remaining roads not included as Priority 1 or 2. These roads will be addressed in a systematic manner starting with more significant roads, hill areas, and identified problem locations.

Snow and ice removal priorities map

View the Snow and Ice Priority Routes Map to learn about the road priorities in Surrey.

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Keep Sidewalks Clear

Clear sidewalks make winter walking safer for everyone. Be a good neighbour and clear snow from sidewalks around your property before 10am after a snowfall.

If you do not clear your sidewalks, you may be fined under City of Surrey’s Highway and Traffic Bylaw:

  • Business: $75 per day
  • Residential: $50 per day

If a business or resident is reported for unshoveled sidewalks, they will be issued a notice. If they do not do this within the set time period they will be fined.

How Residents Can Help

Help your neighbour

Give your neighbours a hand shoveling snow, especially if they are seniors or have limited mobility.

Shovel snow onto your lawn, not the street

Shovelling snow onto the street creates more work for snow plows, slowing down the clearing process.

A snow plow pushes snow to the right road-edge of the street and cannot carry snow away. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes snow may be pushed back onto your driveway or sidewalk, even if you have already shoveled it. If this happens to you, please shovel the snow onto your lawn to keep the streets and sidewalk clean and safe for your neighbours and other drivers.

If you have a fire hydrant in front of your home, please clear the snow around it for easy emergency access.

Keep curb free from debris and bins

Remove any waste collection carts off roadways where snow plowing may take place. Check the collection schedule for notices about delayed collection.

Clear catch basins

Help keep catch basins free of debris, especially during melting conditions. Blocked catch basins may result in excess buildup of water along the road area. This could become dangerous if it freezes and may also result in flooding of nearby properties.


Park your vehicle in your driveway or along the same side as your neighbours, if possible.

Talk to your neighbours about all parking on one side of the road. Keeping one side curb free allows for better snow plow access. It also helps avoid possible snow pileup on your car from the snow plow.

Ice Control and Snow Removal Plan

We know how important it is for residents to get to where they want to go safely and winter conditions add an extra challenge. The Ice Control and Snow Removal Plan outlines how crews will respond to snow and ice before, during and after snowfall.

There are 62 total units of equipment used for snow and ice operations.

There are 24 dump trucks, 1 crane truck, 22 1-ton trucks, 5 graders, and 10 brine units.

The plan includes:

  • Anti-Icing Program (Road Brining): In early November, crews treat the surfaces of major arterial roads in the case of forecasted snow or icy conditions. Brine solution is used which dries on roads with leftover salt. This reduces the accumulation of snow and ice on treated pavement surfaces.
  • Snow Plowing: when it snows our crews will clear roads based on road priority. Depending on the severity of the snow, our crews operate on a 24-hour cycle.

Partner Contacts:

We work together with other local governments to care for our streets. When there's snow, our partners care for:

Highway 10, 15, 17:
Mainroad Contracting

Golden Ears Way/ Golden Ears Bridge:
Miller Capilano


School property:
Surrey Schools

Winter Driving Tips:

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