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Bose Farm - Henry Bose Farmhouse

Bose farmhouse

Heritage Area: Surrey Centre
Site #: 96
Location: 16488 64 Avenue
Registered: November 2, 1998

Significance: Architectural, Historical

Description: Original Bose family homestead with styles including traditional British Folk Form in front side gabled wing, porch details in Eclectic Victorian, and Classicism in cornices and consoles.

Built circa 1898, with a 1910 addition, featuring open eaves, chamfered columns, consoles above columns and wooden sunburst pattern on arched porch. Henry Bose served as Councillor, Reeve and Police Magistrate, an influential figure in Surrey politics for half a century.

Protected by Heritage Revitalization Agreement By-law, 2013, No. 17885 .