A joyful group of people wearing "Our City" t-shirts under a City of Surrey tent, sharing a laugh together at a community event.

Borrow equipment for your next neighbourhood event.

If you are organizing a small neighbourhood event to build a sense of community, you can borrow our equipment to support your project.

Bookings are first come, first served, so get your request in early!

Kit Contents

Take all or just part of the equipment. Each kit contains:

  • A portable sound system
  • 2 pop-up canopy tents
  • 2 folding tables
  • Assorted lawn games (giant Jenga, Checkers, ring-toss – depending on availability)

Who Can Borrow

 These equipment kits have been lent to support past events including:

  • outdoor poetry readings,
  • events in The Grove,
  • community celebrations,
  • a community garden festival,
  • and a variety of public music and arts performances.

All borrowers of the kit need to provide their Recreation Passcard number, which you can get for free at any recreation facility. Borrowers are responsible for picking up and returning the equipment undamaged and on time.

We can't lend out the kit for the following sorts of activities:

  •  Individuals or groups for the purpose of private gain.
  •  Political or partisan activities.
  •  Exclusive non-public events.
  •  Events that do not align with City values and policies.

Request a Neighbourhood Event Kit

Request a Neighbourhood Event Kit for your next community event. Kits are available to loan out from March 1st to September 30th.

Kit locations are:

We will follow up with you to confirm availability for your requested date.