Safe Summer Barbequing

Father and son standing outside and grilling on a barbecue

Barbequing is a common cause of burns and exterior fires which have the potential to spread to nearby buildings or surrounding objects such as trees or shrubs.

Whether using a barbeque in the yard, on a balcony, or at the park, the Surrey Fire Service is encouraging everyone to grill safely this summer season. 

For additional resources regarding picnics and barbequing in Surrey parks, visit Parks, Recreation & Culture Picnic & Barbeques.

Check Your Smoke Alarms

A working smoke alarm will increase your chances of surviving a house fire by 74 per cent. We recommend checking your smoke alarm monthly. If you’re unsure of the status of your smoke alarms, you can request a free HomeSafe inspection. Learn more including details about its free smoke alarm installation program.

Firefighter checking smoke alarm in home

Learn How To Protect Your Property

Wildfires don't just happen in wilderness. They can also be a risk with urban developments, particularly if near forested areas or heavy vegetation. Get tips on how to protect and prepare for an urban wildfire

urban wildfire

Fire Community Engagement Volunteer Opportunity

Join our team of volunteers who deliver fire safety, emergency preparedness, and recruitment messages to the community during events and presentations.