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Electric Vehicles

A City of Surrey Nissan Leaf charging outside the Surrey Museum.

Join Surrey in reducing community greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Surrey is committed to creating a thriving, green and inclusive city and making transportation improvements for everyone.

We are developing new policies and strategies to improve access to electric vehicle charging in public and private locations. This is to support growing demand for electric vehicles and encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Surrey.

Learn more about Surrey's Electric Vehicle Plan.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Environmentally Friendly
    • EV emit no greenhouse gas emissions and will help Surrey reduce community gas emissions.
  • Cost
    • The average BC driver can save over $2000 in fuel costs annually.
  • Less maintainance
    • There are fewer moving parts an electric vehicle than a gasoline powered vehicle.
  • Quieter
    • Electric motors are nearly silent, making for a much quieter environment in the vehicle and in Surrey neighbourhoods.
  • Increased Convenience & Selection

Electric Vehicle Charging Locations

The City operates 18 electric vehicle chargers that are free and available to the public. There are an estimated 40 more provided by private businesses.

Find the charger closest to you:

Problem with an electric vehicle charger?

Download the Surrey Request App and complete a service request, or call Parking Services at 604-591-4352.


The City began supporting electric vehicles and providing public charging facilities in 2012. This has included:

  • Grant funding from the Province of British Columbia to locate one of the country’s first publicly available free Level 2 chargers within Surrey.
  • Operation of 2 Level 3 “DC Fast” chargers – one at City Hall and one at the Surrey Museum.
  • 16 Level 2 chargers at public locations throughout the City.
  • The City operates 8 electric Nissan Leaf vehicles as part of our Corporate vehicle fleet.
  • The construction of any new gas station now requires installation of complementary electric vehicle chargers.
  • We are now in the process of updating our policies for electric vehicles.

A no parking except for electric vehicle charging sign.

An L2 single charger on P1 at Surrey City Hall.

A person plugs in the charger into an electric vehicle.

Close up on a electric vehicle. Zero Emission is written on the side.

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