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Utility Billing Services

In response to the ongoing and rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the City of Surrey's Annual Flat Water and Sewer payment will be extended by 90 days. The grace period has been endorsed by City Council and the payment is now due July 2, 2020. There has been no change to the payment schedule for those on metered billing. For more information, see below or call 604-591-4181. 

Your utility payments pay for water consumption, sewer and drainage maintenance, infrastructure replacement and garbage, recycling and organics collection. In reducing your water consumption, you're helping Surrey meet its goal to become a thriving, green, inclusive city.

Paying Your Utility Bill

Learn how to pay your annual or metered utility bill. Pay on time to avoid late penalties.

Understanding Utility Rates & Calculations

Find information on Surrey's annual utility rates for water, sewer, drainage, and garbage.

Annual Utilities

Find out the billing schedule for your annual utilities.

Metered Utilities

Find out the due dates for your metered utility area.

Special Meter Reading Requests

Get a special water meter reading on a home you have purchased or are selling.

Volunteer Water Meter Program

Register for Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program and get a free meter.

Detecting Water Leaks

Learn how to detect water leaks in your water system to avoid added costs to your water bill.

Meter Testing & Accuracy

The City tests meters to ensure accurate billing. Learn about the test results.

Multi-Family (Strata) Dwelling Water Meters

Learn how to get a master water meter installed for your entire strata or multi-family dwelling.

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