See the Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for the West Clayton neighbourhood.

West Clayton is the name of the second urban neighbourhood in Clayton Heights, adjacent to East Clayton and the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Originally characterized by its rural acreage lots and agricultural uses, the area is now designated to support urban development and the future home of over 12,000 Surrey residents. Situated over gently sloping highlands, the area provides excellent views of the agricultural lowlands and is home to many significant and protected watercourses.

Planning for West Clayton was guided by the 1999 Clayton General Land Use Plan, which provides an overall framework for land use in the area. The plan provides direction on the type and density of development, urban design, parks and community amenities and engineering infrastructure. It features a mixed-use urban centre adjacent to a future rapid transit station at 184 Street and Fraser Highway.

West Clayton is also planned to be an "Energy Shift" neighbourhood, where innovative ideas to help reduce energy costs for residents and meet Surrey's commitment to reducing GHG emissions are encouraged. This is the first NCP in Surrey to include policy that provides incentives for energy efficiency.

Plan Area

The plan encompass an area of approximately 288 hectares (713 acres), generally located North of Fraser Highway and east of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The area is bordered by the East Clayton NCP to the east, and a future North Clayton NCP to the northeast.

West Clayon Area Map

Background Information

In 1996 City Council identified Clayton Heights as one of several areas of the City that would be suitable for new development. A General Land Use Plan was approved in 1999 to serve as an overall guide for land use, servicing and development in the area. The Plan presented a vision for sustainable growth, efficient development  and a compact livable community. It also identified the Neighbourhood Concept Planning (NCP) approach to plan future Clayton Neighborhood. The East Clayton NCP, approved in 2003, was the first phase in this process.

In July, 2010, following the receipt of a supportive land owners petition, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R180 which initiated the process to develop the West Clayton NCP. In February 2011 Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R033 which approved the Terms of Reference for the process. Then, in June 2012, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R145 which extended a portion of the plan area east.

In December 2013, following an integrated and comprehensive community consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report No. R254 which approved the draft land use concept. Finally, in July 2015, following additional community and stakeholder consultation, Council endorsed Corporate Report R168 which approved the final West Clayton NCP.

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