We're creating a new plan to guide growth and support future rapid transit along King George Boulevard.

We are starting a land use plan for Newton-King George Boulevard. The plan will guide growth and development in terms of land use, transportation and community amenities, such as parks.

Plan Update

On June 28, 2021, Council endorsed Corporate Report R133, which approved the Stage 1 Plan, including the Land Use, Transportation, and Parks and Amenities Concepts. Council also directed staff to continue working on the Stage 2 (final) Plan.

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The Newton-King George Boulevard Plan is being finalized for Council consideration. Review the draft Plan Summary or check out the What We Heard Report

Stage 1 Plan Documents (2021)

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Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Exploring Options

Step 3: Developing the Plan

Step 4: Refining the Plan

Step 5: Completing the Plan

Plan Area

The Newton – King George Boulevard Plan Area comprises approximately 167 hectares (413 acres) of land between Highway 10 and 68 Avenue. The Plan Area is centered on the western side of King George Boulevard and is surrounded by existing plans to the north (Newton Town Centre Plan) and east (South Newton Neighbourhood Concept Plan)

Newton, King George Blvd Map

Process & Timeline

Step 1 involves preliminary planning and engagement and sets the stage for a comprehensive planning process. Staff have conducted site analyses and background studies.

In July 2020, we held an online kick-off survey for area residents. Over 1400 participants advised staff on priorities and ideas to improve their neighbourhood. The results of the survey will form the foundations of the land use plan. View the results of the survey

    From residents’ input, Staff developed a Vision and Plan Objectives to guide the plan. At residents’ request, Staff have amended the Plan Area boundary to include a small area just west of the original Plan Area. This was approved by Council on October 19, 2020 by Corporate Report R156.

    The following vision was formed based on the findings of consultation with the community in the July 2020 survey. It describes the goal or future state of the Plan Area:

    “South Newton is celebrated as a safe, family-oriented community, home to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Residents have access to convenient public transportation and an affordable variety of housing. Local amenities are close to home, with a variety of shops, gathering spaces, parks, and natural areas a short walk or bike ride away.”

    The following Plan Objectives were formed based on the findings of community consultation:

    1. Walkable
    2. Inclusive
    3. Transit Supportive
    4. Housing Affordability
    5. Local Necessities
    6. Natural Areas
    7. Safe
    8. Climate Resilience

    In future community engagement, residents will have the opportunity to vet and provide feedback on the Plan Vision and Plan Objectives.

    Staff are translating the Plan Vision and Plan Objectives into a Land Use Concept. The draft Land Use Concept will illustrate the potential building density, height, and uses across the Plan Area. A Transportation Concept will illustrate the future road network including transit, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure. A Parks and Open Space Concept will illustrate the location of future parks, plazas, and natural areas.

    Detailed studies are being conducted on the Plan Area’s streams. These studies evaluate and make recommendations on stormwater drainage and ecological protection. They will shape the land use plan by determining where and how development can responsibly occur.

    In May 2021, Residents had the opportunity to review the draft land use, transportation and parks concepts, and respond to a survey. We received almost 400 survey responses. Review the Plan Summary and read the summary of the May 2021 survey results

    On June 28, 2021, Council endorsed Corporate Report R133, which approved the Stage 1 Plan, including the Land Use, Transportation, and Parks and Amenities Concepts. Council also directed staff to continue working on the Stage 2 (final) Plan.

    Staff will look back at the Draft Plan and evaluate where changes need to be made based on Community feedback. After this, staff will undertake some final implementation planning processes, including:

    • Detailed engineering and financial analysis
    • Community benefit planning
    • Development of urban design guidelines

    Once the Plan is ready, staff will report back to the Community one final time before seeking endorsement of the final Plan by Council.

    This step includes:

    • Writing and editing the plan document
    • Presenting the plan to the Community for review
    • Presenting the plan to Council for review
    • Final plan endorsement from Council

    Background Information

    In October 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R207 to initiate the planning process for Newton-King George Boulevard.

    In October 2020, Council endorsed Corporate Report R156 to amend the plan area boundary.

    Contact Information

    Kristen Lassonde, Planner
    Community Planning Division