We’re creating a new vision for the future of Scott Road and 72 Avenue.

In April 2022, Council endorsed Corporate Report R071 authorizing staff to begin planning along the Scott Road Corridor. The first step is a Visioning Study.

The Visioning Study will: 

  • develop a long term vision;
  • identify key objectives for Scott Road, 72 Avenue, and the surrounding neighbourhoods;
  • outline where significant redevelopment may occur;
  • identify key infrastructure and community projects;
  • set development fees to fund community improvements; and,
  • identify smaller areas that require focused neighbourhood plans.

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Study Area

The Imagine Scott Road Visioning Study Area is aligned with the future R6 RapidBus route along Scott Road and 72 Avenue.

A map of the Scott Road Land Use Plan boundaries

Process & Timeline

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending
Spring - Summer 2022

Initiating the Study

  • Initiate study following Council authorization
  • Begin background work
Fall 2022 - Winter 2023

Developing a Vision

Spring 2023 - Spring/Summer 2024

Finalizing the Study

  • Prepare study document 
  • Share with the community for feedback
  • Bring forward to Council to endorse
Beginning 2025

Starting Detailed Planning

  • Prioritize and move forward with implementing next steps

Contact Information

Ben Daly
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604-502-6025